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The old mice seemed to undergo rejuvenation after transfusions of blood from human teenagers.

Mice got human blood from teenagers and became younger.

More and more studies show the dramatic effects of blood plasma from young people into older bodies. In a new study, old mice clear shows signs of rejuvenation after transfusions with human blood.

North Korean Mount Paektu volcano may erupt

North Korea may be hit by a massive volcanic eruption. Scientists have found that magma is flowing beneath Mount Paektu, threatening a population of more than 1.6 million.

Earth 2.0 may have a gigantic sea – and harbor life

Exoplanets: A newfound planet is the latest great hope for scientist who look for other solar systems to colonize. Recent findings mean that the chances the planet contains life has increased. It is very likely that the planet has a gigantic ocean of liquid water.
Genes decide how much salt you use

Genes decide how much salt you use

A group of US scientists have examined peoples salt consumption by comparing variations of a gene that can make us sensitive to bitter taste.

Green benefits of electric cars beat fuel cells in new study

According to a new Stanford study, many communities would be better off investing in battery driven electric vehicles instead of using hydrogen fuel cells