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Obesity linked to depressed immunity in children

Research into obesity in pregnant women suggest that children born by an obese mother have higher risk of disease

Snakes come from the land and are 128 Million years old

Researchers from Yale university have established an evolutionary time line for snakes which stretches 128 million years .

Heat exposure in the Southern U.S could increase by 6 times by 2070

New research suggests important interaction between demographics and climate change.

Possible new trigger for volcanic eruptions discovered.

Scientists now better understand why - and how - volcanoes erupt

Is it game over for the Larsen B Ice shelf?

A confluence of glacial instability caused by increasing temperatures, faulting and shearing within the ice as well as local topography have allowed the documented collapse of the ice

Astronomers stumble upon eerie section of universe containing absolutely nothing

Cosmologist have discovered what the long unknown, 1.8 million light year long space, contains.

Researchers may have finally discovered proof that black holes exist

Astronomers claim that they have found evidence of the existence of black holes in a flash of light from deep space.

Four-year-old stumbles upon 100 million-year-old dinosaur behind supermarket

A four-year old has discovered a 100-million year old dinosaur fossil behind a grocery store in Texas.