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AI Predicts Breast Cancer Chemotherapy Effectiveness

Scientists at the University of Waterloo have created a new artificial intelligence (AI) tool called Cancer-Net that can predict if women with...
More than 4400 species globally threatened by changes in wildfire patterns

More than 4400 species globally threatened by changes in wildfire patterns

According to a paper published in Science by University of Melbourne, lead by Dr Luke Kelly, in collaboration with 27 international scientists,...

Early Mars Was Ravaged By Giant Tsunamis

About 3.4 billion years ago Mars was struck by a giant, wet disaster when two massive tsunamis up to 360 feet tall roared across the planet at the speed of a passenger jet.

Video – NASA’s Plan To Send Manned Orion Spacecraft to The Moon

President Barack Obama proposed a goal for sending a manned mission to Mars by the 2030s; however, NASA has no decision power over-, or...
Traditional mammogram examination for detecting early stage breast cancer.

Artificial intelligence diagnoses breast cancer much better than doctors

A new type of artificial intelligence is drastically out-diagnosing doctors. It has learned to work 30 times faster than humans, and with a minimal margin of error when it comes to diagnosing breast cancer.
What women find most attractive about men

Research shows what women find most attractive about men.

Women need the opposite sex to secure the survival of the species. According to science, it is far from random what women find most attractive about men.
The clitoris was long a mystery to scientists, but not to women

Clitoris – Twelve things you probably didn’t know about it

THE CLITORIS: It is much more than a small button in the woman's vagina. The clitoris is hiding under the skin like an iceberg, and until 1998, scientists didn't know what it really looks like. We have made a list of interesting facts about the woman's pleasure center.

Experimental treatment cures aggressive form of breast cancer in eleven days

A combination of two known cancer drugs is creating excitement among doctors and researchers in cancer treatment. A team of UK doctors successfully managed to...

Faster and cheaper than the Concorde

A new supersonic passenger jet prototype will be test flown next year. The US company Boom Technology is developing a supersonic plane with capacity...

Common Antidepressants May Cause Cardiac Arrest

Independent experts warn that antidepressants containing the substances Escitalopram and Citalopram, may cause cardiac arrest and increased risk of heart disease. The respected independent French medical journal, La Revue Prescrire,...

Significant discovery by Caltech spot the most distant galaxy

Scientist has discovered a 13.2 billion year old galaxy challenging the current theories regarding the age and evolution of the universe.

Next Stop Kuiper Belt For New Horizons ?

According to a new blog post from NASA, scientists has selected a potential target for the highly successful mission that recently obtained stunning images...

Shocking study on Chinese air pollution

BEIJING: A new study from Berkley Earth reveals shocking statistics about air pollution. Each day more than 4000 people die from various effects of air pollution...

Video: Largest outbreak of Legionnaires’ disease in NYC claims two more lives

According to a press release by the mayors office the largest outbreak of Legionnaires' disease ever to occur in New York City has claimed...