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Coyote prize-hunts banned by California officials

California has officially banned coyote hunting contests that offer prizes for the highest number of corpses.

Crow Nation joins fight against emission cuts

The Crow Nation has joined 17 state attorney generals to fight against the proposed plan by the Obama administration to significantly cut back on power plant carbon emissions.

Mysterious shrimp could be key to understanding alien life

Scientists studying the Von Damm Spire in the Caribbean, state that a shrimp living at certain thermal vents could be the key to understanding how life might exists on other planetary bodies.

New camera captures 100 billion frames per second, making it world’s fastest

Researchers at the University of Washington have developed the world's fastest camera, which captures an unprecedented 100 billion frames per second.

2014 could be hottest year ever recorded

Due to rising temperatures, preliminary estimates have 2014 slated to be the hottest year on record.

EPA enforces strict new ozone regulations

New ozone regulations by the EPA are very strict, and will have a great impact on oil companies and other corporations that contribute to the generation of such materials.

NASA opens registration for Cube Quest Challenge

NASA's new in-space, five million dollar Cube Quest Challenge is now open for registration.

‘Interstellar’ wormholes not likely to exist

Astrophysicists agree that even if wormholes did exist, traveling through one in the same manner as 'Interstellar' would be a physical impossibility.

Experts seek online help to track Higgs Boson particle explosions

Experts researching the creation of new particles are turning to the public for help in their research.

DNA pioneer James Watson to sell Nobel Prize

James Watson, one of the founders of the structure of DNA, is planning to sell his Nobel Prize as an act of redemption for his racist remarks.

Government airwaves auction reaches $34 billion

A government auction designed to sell airspace for use in mobile broadband set new records when the bidding exceeding a staggering 34 billion dollars.

Watson’s auctioned Nobel Prize to be returned by Russian billionaire

After purchasing John Watson's Nobel Prize at auction, Russian billionaire Alisher Usmanov plans to return the award to the scientist.

Japan successfully launches six year asteroid mission

The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) successfully launched a probe set to collect data from the deep space 1999JU3 asteroid.

New study shows reason for dogs’ sloppy drinking

A new study reveals that there are scientific reasons behind dogs' sloppy drinking habits.

New Ford F-150 achieves better fuel efficiency

Due to its light, aluminum frame, the new Ford F-150 achieves both better fuel efficiency as well as a much lower rate of emissions.

Amid setbacks, NASA’s Orion capsule ready for important test flight

NASA's Orion capsule, a spacecraft designed to one day put astronauts on the surface of Mars, is set for a test flight that may well decide the future of the program.

New invention could convert astronaut waste into usable fuel

The anaerobic digester, a new invention created by researchers at the University of Florida, could take unusable astronaut waste and convert it into usable fuel, like methane or carbon dioxide.

New study reveals leopards are able to coexist with humans

A recent study on five collared leopards in India showed that the animals have learned how to share space with humans.

New Barbie book criticized for perpetuating sexism

Mattel's new Barbie book "I Can Be a Computer Engineer" has received massive backlash due to its sexist message regarding girls and computing.

Honda takes steps to make drivers comply with company recall

Honda Motor Co. is seeking the help of both Congress and regulators to ensure that more car owners comply with their car's recall notice.

DOJ unhappy with new encryption technology

The Department of Justice is worried that the increasing smartphone encryption levels could hinder law enforcement, and even lead to tragedy.

New ‘Facebook at Work’ set to challenge LinkedIn

Facebook at Work, Facebook's attempt to create a platform for the work space, is set to directly challenge sites already in that sphere, such as LinkedIn.