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One in five babies die from lack of soap and clean water

Each year, half a million babies in developing countries die in their first month of life because they are born into dirty conditions.

Who will suffer PTSD? New algorithm helps experts predict risk

Researchers develop computer algorithm that considers hundreds of variables to identify sufferers of traumatic events who are at increased risk of developing post-traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD.

Eat fish and veggies to reduce colon cancer risk, study says

The results of a large, prospective cohort study in North America reveals that a vegetarian diet that includes fish may substantially reduce risk for developing colon cancer.

Industry better than academia at reporting clinical trials outcomes properly

A new study shows that many government- and privately-funded clinical trials are not complying with federal policy to report outcomes in a timely manner.

New early access system makes promising Merck cancer drug available in the UK

A new, unlicensed cancer drug by Merck & Co called Keytruda has shown consistent promise in the fight against melanoma by boosting the body's immune system.

Banned antibiotics still showing up in milk, FDA says

A study by the FDS reveals that a small percentage of dairy farms with histories of industry guideline violations are still producing antibiotics-tainted milk.

Overpraising linked to narcissism in children, experts warn

In the first study of its kind, researchers reveal the underpinnings of childhood narcissim, and it seems to be directly tied to overvaluation by parents.