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Ian Lang is a freelance writer primarily focusing on science and health news topics. He lives in the Washington, DC area.

New legislation may hit anti-vaxx crowd where it hurts

At least 10 states have proposed legislation limiting personal or religious vaccine exemptions

Sick? Study finds it’s probably not the flu

Most adults get the flu just twice per decade, study finds

NASA’s Dawn spacecraft prepares to orbit dwarf planet Ceres

NASA prepares to explore the largest object in the asteroid belt

Confirmed: Man-made CO2 causes greenhouse effect

For the first time, the influence of CO2 has been observed from Earth's surface

Amazing: Saharan dust helps fertilize Amazon rainforest

The Amazon may not exist if not for the Sahara

Google’s DeepMind will crush you in (most) Atari games

Google's latest AI acquisition is learning fast

Decrease in smoking may lead to increase in lung cancer deaths

Peculiarities in screening criteria are to blame

Crocs ruled the Amazon 13 million years ago

The western Amazon was once home to at least seven species of crocs, some unknown to science until recently

Science finds the perfect eyelash length

It turns out there's a "golden ratio" for eyelash length

Extra sauna time may be good for male health

Heat and relaxation may have significant heart health benefits

Hand washing dishes may prevent allergies in kids

The efficiency of mechanical dishwashers may put children at greater allergy risk

Yale: Sun damage continues, even after dark

An "evening-after" sunscreen may be necessary to full prevent UV damage

Harvard: Dark matter is the guiding force of the universe

Black holes are determined by dark matter, not the size of their galaxies

New ocean species revealed: The ruby red sea dragon

New species makes for only the third known variety of sea dragon

Has science finally found a cure (and vaccine) for HIV?

New drug works by altering cells at the DNA level

Coffee And cigarettes: Bad for you, but good for bees?

The naturally-occurring chemicals appear to help bees ward off disease

What are these mysterious bright spots on dwarf planet Ceres?

NASA will have to wait until March 6 to get a better look at the strange bright spots

Google-owned company creates robot dog; ignites ridiculous ethics debate

"Spot" is the latest in a line of quadrupedal robots

NASA concept sub could explore Titan’s Kraken Mare

NASA's conceptual sub would need to withstand extreme conditions

Puerto Rico considers bill to punish parents of obese kids

Bill creates controversy among public health experts

Fossil-hunting farmer discovers two of Earth’s earliest mammals

Mammals proved to be far more diverse in Jurassic period than previously thought

Unprecedented: Astronomers witness birth of quad-star system

Star systems of this configuration tend to be unstable

Will NASA’s SMAP help us understand climate change?

New moisture-measuring spacecraft should sharpen weather forecasts.