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Ian Lang is a freelance writer primarily focusing on science and health news topics. He lives in the Washington, DC area.

[VIDEO] Will NASA find life in Europa’s ice?

While Mars may be our closest neighbor, hopes for finding life on the red planet are slim. While NASA has found evidence of past...

Jawbone proves modern humans interbred with Neanderthals in Europe

Referring to humans that lives 40,000-50,000 years ago as "modern" may be more accurate than you think - just like us they apparently had...

[VIDEO] Will the sixth mass extinction include the human race?

41 percent of all amphibian species and 26 percent of all mammals are under threat of extinction

Study finds people have no clue how sunscreen works

Few people understand what SPF actually means in sunscreen

The surprising reasons for the booming U.S. birth rate

U.S. birth rate rises for first time since 2007.

Surprise! Weight loss is easier when your doctor chooses your diet

For weight loss, freedom of choice may be a bad thing.

NASA’s New Horizons just a month away from Pluto

The close approach of Pluto will include an orbit of all five moons

Avocados show promise in fight against leukemia

Avocados - lush, nutrient-dense, frankly disgusting abominations of nature - may have a use beyond allowing restaurants to charge 20% for for sandwiches that...

MIT creates molecules with plenty of chill

Superchill molecules show scientists never-before-seen states of matter

Why big dinosaurs avoided the tropics like the plague

A study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences explains why you're unlikely to see a brontosaurus on your next cruise to the Caribbean: They couldn't handle the climate extremes.

Are you getting enough sleep for your health?

Sleep, the glorious respite from consciousness, is a tough commodity to find despite being essential to human life. It's also more important than most...

All chimpanzees now considered ‘endangered’

Rule eliminates distinction for captive chimps

Nuts revealed as surprising secret to good health, study finds

Nuts and peanuts (but not peanut butter) associated with lower risk of death from many common killers

Teen binge drinking declines to stunningly low levels

Alcohol remains the most popular drug among teenagers

We will all die before NASA identifies’ Ceres’ bright spots

Dawn's next orbit will take it within 1,000 miles of the dwarf planet

Is effective rape prevention training still ‘victim blaming?’

Sexual assault prevention program aimed at women reduced rapes by 46%

Smug chimpanzees know when they’re right, and show it

Chimps' movements reflected confidence in their answers to memory tests

Egg-sasperated manufacturers to import eggs from seven countries following shortage

The Netherlands will export eggs to the U.S. for the first time since 1987

Genetically, creativity and mental illness may be one in the same

Creative people shown to have higher risk of schizophrenia and bipolar disorder

Propeller to blame for gruesome Coney Island whale carcass

Whale was likely decapitated by a boat propeller

50 shades of brown: Your tooth brush is covered in poop, study finds

If you share a bathroom, there's an 80% chance the bacteria on your tooth brush comes from someone else's butt

Archaeologists uncover mysterious prehistoric gold trade route

The earliest gold was likely a by-product of the search for tin

FDA votes to approve Addyi, the Viagra for ladies

The FDA moves forward with filbanserin, but not every expert is convinced

Did triceratops’ cousin ‘Hellboy’ use its big noggin for sex?

Dinos like Triceratops may have used those horns to get frisky, not defend themselves

Two of Pluto’s moons wobble like a couple of drunks

Pluto's cosmic dance with Charon leads to weird antics among the other moons.

Lawsuit accuses CVS of company-mandated racism

CVS Management required employees to monitor black and Hispanic shoppers, suit claims

Sex-crazed marsupial literally humps itself to DEATH

The suicidal sex missions actually have an evolutionary advantage