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Ian Lang is a freelance writer primarily focusing on science and health news topics. He lives in the Washington, DC area.

Hot or not, the ‘dad bod’ is real, study finds

Yes, becoming a dad really does lead to the "dad bod" - and it's up to pediatricians to stop it.

Arctic sea ice recovers – but for how long?

Sea ice displayed remarkable resiliency in 2013, but can it resist further climate change?

VIDEO: Smithsonian launches crowdfunding campaign to save Neil Armstrong’s Spacesuit

The Smithsonian hopes to preserve Neil Armstrong's spacesuit in time for the 50th anniversary of the moon landing, and they're turning to Kickstarter.

Can’t put your phone down? You may be depressed

Depressed people spend more time on their phones and go fewer places, according to smartphone data

Want to avoid addiction? Challenge your mind, study says

Some believe the brain is hard-wired for addiction, but new research from UC Berkely challenges that notion.

Chimps vs humans – whose hands are more primitive?

While human hands are capable of grasping tools, scientists say that's always been the case - it's the chimps who have evolved.

Historic climate data says sea levels could rise 20 feet

At our current temperatures, sea levels were about 20 feet higher in the past.

FDA delays calorie count regulations by one year

Will displaying calorie counts help curb obesity?

Graphene film may be the hottest new thing in cooling electronics

New application method gives graphene 4x the thermal conductivity of copper

(VIDEO) Squishy bouncing robot can leap higher than you

As a child, you remember having played with those little rubber "poppers," the jumping toys. You'd flip the suction cup at the base inside...

Study: Vampires are ‘real’ (and they need help)

Vampires, the mythological humanoid creatures that feed on human blood and are invincible and immortal, are not real. However, there do exist people who...

Adult indoor tanning on the decline – but not enough, CDC warns

The use of tanning beds is dropping among adults, but people aged 18-29 are still the biggest users

Martian opal could hint at past alien life

Despite mysterious lights and formations on Ceres and an ice-covered sea on Europa, Mars continues to be our best bet for finding evidence of...

[VIDEO] Parents more positive about vaccines, survey finds

About a decade ago, some not-so-smart parents, spurred by some not-so-smart Hollywood personalities, latched onto a now-discredited study that found a link between vaccines...

VIDEO: Google’s self-driving taxis would be awesome for the environment

Self-driving cars are here, and they're likely here to stay. Google's fleet has logged thousands of miles already, and other manufacturers are scrambling to...

Bizarre flatworm reproduces by literally screwing itself

Sex - it's essential to life on Earth, and a pretty fun thing to do on a rainy day. Sexual techniques vary across the...

Saber-toothed cat: ‘Basically a lion on steroids with knives coming out of its mouth’

The saber-toothed cat, which roamed what are now the streets of Hollywood until about 10,000 years ago, is the stuff of legends. A menacing...

Meet the hellish, deep-dwelling Hades centipede

The newly-discovered Hades centipede is one of two known species to dwell exclusively in caves

Rare cosmic event will make Jupiter and Venus appear as one

Jupiter and Venus will appear as one brilliant double star tonight, thanks to some lucky orbital alignments

Bizarre ‘Collins’ Monster’ was first creature to develop armor

Life is tough for a soft-bodied worm living in the ocean - you don't move very fast, and your soft body means you've practically...

Rats make plans in their dreams; will take over the world any day now

Rats - they're ubiquitous, resilient and kind of, well, disgusting. But is that all they have going for them? Not so, say researchers at...

Reminder: You can still get a nasty sunburn on cloudy days

With Summer officially underway, millions of people in the Northern Hemisphere will take advantage of the warm weather to spend more time outside swimming,...

Fat back on the menu in new, Republican-opposed dietary guidelines

Guidelines steering Americans away from meat and saturated fat receives strong Republican opposition

Meet Antarctica’s hairy-chested Yeti Crab, the manliest crab of all

The Yeti Crab find warm paradise in otherwise chilly waters

You’ll never want to swim in a pool again after reading this

Anyone who spends a relaxing day in a swimming pool without goggles is probably resigned to the uncomfortable after effects: Red, stinging eyes with...

[VIDEO] Horrifying Pacu fish found in NJ lake has human-like teeth

Pacu fish has unfortunate reputation for cracking down on certain parts of the male anatomy

Discovery of 800+ ultra-dark galaxies in Coma Cluster SMASHES record

Scientists believe ultra-dark galaxies are held together by dark matter