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Ian Lang is a freelance writer primarily focusing on science and health news topics. He lives in the Washington, DC area.
Image of a boreal forest in Canada. Credit Boreal Forest Facts

Earths boreal forests could be doomed because of climate change

The Earth's boreal forests could be threatened by rapid climate change. These forests account for approximately one third of the forests on the planet. If they disappear, global warming may accelerate dramatically.

Dust reveals your home’s secrets

Dust can tell scientists what pets you have and the ratio of men to women in a home.

Grand Canyon threatened by mercury polution

Despite being a remote wilderness, mercury and selenium threaten the Grand Canyon.

War: Surprisingly good for the environment

Scientists link decrease in greenhouse gas emissions to war and other crises

Oldest ‘modern’ human hand is 1.8 million years old

Discovery of what appears to be part of a 2 million year old modern human hand sparks debate
Climate change caused dogs to become more cat-like

Climate change caused dogs to become more cat-like

New research shows that the earliest dogs adapted to their environment, not their prey

Antibiotics: Many Hispanic adults are doing it wrong

U.S. adults have wide misconceptions about antibiotics, particularly within the Hispanic community

VIDEO: ‘Drinkable book’ can filter four years’ worth of water

The Drinkable Book could help save the lives of millions

US; UK vulnerable to ‘food shocks’ brought on by climate change

The world's poorest would be in an "untenable" position should food shocks become more common.

Latest images from Rosetta are out of this world

Rosetta returns some stunners as its comet approaches perihelion.

VIDEO: MIT creates team of beer-delivering robots

A world where robots act as worker bees may not be that far off.

Testosterone therapy falls limp for sexual performance

There are plenty of good reasons to explore testosterone therapy, but improved sexual function isn't one of them

New tadpole disease could spell doom for frogs around the world

The tadpole is a weird organism, there's no getting around it. Unlike most animals, which start as tiny versions of their adult selves, tadpoles...

VIDEO: ISS lettuce tastes “awesome”

Astronauts become the first to taste veggies grown aboard the ISS

VIDEO: Astronauts prepare to eat first-ever food grown in space

Astronauts will chow down on freshly-grown red romaine lettuce on the International Space Station

Yellow perception changes with the seasons, study finds

Colors are perceived differently across cultures, but there's a surprising reason why the color yellow is so stable.

Supplement use is the new eating disorder for men

Citing low self-esteem and gender role conflict, many men take supplement use to an unhealthy extreme.

New anglerfish is so ugly, only a mother could love it

Scientists find a new species of anglerfish in the Gulf of Mexico

Pollen load helps bumblebees bumble less

Bumblebees may make foraging choices based on wind conditions

(VIDEO) Bonobos communicate with ‘peeps’ like baby humans

As our closest relatives, bonobos are the only animals known to communicate with context

Watch stars migrate through the Milky Way Galaxy [VIDEO]

Up to 30% of the stars in the Milky Way Galaxy are somewhere other than where they were born.
Rangemorph fossils

Fossils reveal strange reproduction of Earth’s oldest animal

565 million years ago, rangemorphs used two modes of reproduction

VIDEO: Watch a robot water strider walk on water like Jesus

By studying the water strider, engineers have developed a robot that can jump on water with ease

Washington, DC is sinking fast – literally

Washington, DC will sink six inches in the next 100 years, and there's nothing we can do about it.

The secret hiding in T. rex’s terrible teeth

Study reveals how T. rex managed to chow down on large prey

Two factors crucial in predicting teen e-cigarette use, study finds

Friends and family significantly increase risk of teen e-cigarette use

Smithsonian shoots for the moon with new Kickstarter goal

After blowing through its initial goal, the Smithsonian now seeks $700k to save Alan Shepard's spacesuit.

VIDEO: ‘Snotbot’ drones study whales by collecting their boogers

What can whale snot collected by Snotbot tell scientists? A lot, actually.