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Newly found pulsar helps astronomers unravel secrets of Milky Way’s mysterious core

Gas and dust obscure this region from visible-light observations, making it somewhat of an enigma.

NASA eying, mapping long-term asteroid threats

NASA seeks out long-term asteroid threats.

Brain shaking technique offers new way to test for consciousness

The method involves using strong magnetic stimulation to "shake" the brain and then recording the action of the neurons.

Astronomers catch dwarf galaxy ramming into larger spiral galaxy

Scientists say that the discovery could have implications for understanding how other galaxies grow through similar collisions.

Mars food researchers end four-month mock space mission in Hawaii

The researchers dined on a variety of instant foods and cooked their own food using shelf-stable ingredients, rating all meals and recording such indicators as body mass, health status, and mood.

Children of obese mothers more likely to die prematurely

With rising rates of obesity among pregnant women, along with levels of obesity in the general population, the research findings are of major public health concern.

Scientists find new species of bone-eating worms in Antarctica

Bone eating worms survive by eating the skeletons of whales on the seafloor of the Antarctic continent.

Earth orbit changes linked to Antarctic warming that ended last ice age, study finds

The results come from an in-depth analysis of an ice core obtained from the West Antarctic Ice Sheet Divide.

Researchers date oldest petroglyphs known in North America

The oldest dates calculated for the Winnemucca petroglyphs correspond with the time frame linked to fossilized human excrement found in a cave in Oregon.

Shortening tails gave earliest birds evolutionary advantage, study finds

It was during the Cretaceous Period that the earliest birds, such as Confuciusornis, Eoenantiornis, and Hongshanornis lived alongside their dinosaur kin.

NASA announces key finding on supernovas

Officials at the U.S. space agency NASA say they have uncovered the secrets of the supernova.

NASA: Earth’s early atmosphere was made up of organic haze

Earth's early atmosphere was hazy like Saturn's moon Titan, a new study published Monday in the journal Nature Geoscience reveals.

NASA: Organic haze made up Earth’s early atmosphere

Earth's early atmosphere was hazy like Saturn's moon Titan, a new study published Monday in the journal Nature Geoscience reveals.

NASA releases videos on formation of moon

In an effort to better understand how the moon was formed, NASA has released a pair of videos using the latest data obtained from its Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter.

Massive solar storms continue to slam Earth, says NASA

The largest batch of solar flares may have passed.

USF: Dinosaur feathers may have been key for mating

A team of scientists say that a recently discovered fossil sheds light on how dinosaurs may have attracted mates.