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DARPA deploys microfabrication technology to help soldiers stay on track

DARPA develops new microfabrication technologies to help soldiers navigate difficult terrain.

FDA okays new breast imaging system

Device designed to help health care providers detect smaller tumors.

Study: Higher stroke risk in males linked to parental divorce

Researchers have discovered that men with divorced parents are more likely to suffer a stroke than men with unbroken families.

Study: Rural Americans more overweight than urban residents

Researchers have found that rural Americans are more likely to be obese than their urban counterparts.

Michael Bloomberg praises soda ban

Seeking to reduce runaway obesity rates, the New York City Board of Health on Thursday approved a ban on the sale of large sodas.

NASA pays tribute to Neil Armstrong at National Cathedral

NASA pays tribute to former NASA astronaut Neil Armstrong at the National Cathedral in Washington, D.C.

Study: Diets high in fat linked to breast cancer in female offspring

Researchers say that mothers who consume high-fat diets increase the likelihood of breast cancer in female offspring.

WHO: More strategic use of anti-HIV medicines could help end transmission of virus

The study demonstrates tremendous benefit in early and probably immediate treatment of people who are tested positive for HIV.

Study: More people using HIV treatments in U.S.

Researchers have discovered that HIV treatment use has increased in the U.S.

Study: Nutritional supplement may aid in the treatment of autism

Researchers have discovered that nutritional supplements may help treat a form of autism with epilepsy.

NFL gives $30 million to NIH

Research is designed to benefit athletes and the general population, including members of the military.

Researchers: We have identified chemical in cigarette smoke linked to heart disease

Researchers ID chemical in cigarette smoke connected to lower levels of "good" cholesterol.

Study: Beer drinkers drink funnel-shaped glasses faster

Researchers believe that they can help control drunkenness by changing the shape of beer glasses.

Study: Lowering caloric intake may not help you live longer

Researchers have found that calorie restriction may not help you live longer.

FDA: Indiana cantaloupe farm is source of salmonella outbreak

FDA announces that samples of cantaloupe collected at Chamberlain Farms of Owensville, Indiana show the presence of Salmonella Typhimurium with a DNA fingerprint that matches the one that has sickened 178 people in 21 states

CDC: Mangoes could be cause of salmonella outbreak

California health officials say they are investigating a foodborne illness outbreak associated with salmonella-tainted mangoes that has sickened 73 people.

Study: Exercise helps prevent chronic disease in the final years of life

Researchers say that exercising in the 30s, 40s, and 50s helps prevent chronic disease in the 70s and 80s.

FDA okays once-a-day HIV pill

The FDA has approved the use of Stribild, a new once-daily l HIV medication from Gilead, the makers of HIV medications Atripla and Complera.

U.S. officials monitoring spread of West Nile virus

U.S. officials are growing increasingly concerned about the spread of West Nile virus.

Researchers: Junk food restriciton help combat childhood obesity

Researchers discover evidence that placing regulations on junk food in schools helps combat childhood obesity.

CDC: Researchers working on new flu vaccination

The FDA approves the 2012-2013 flu vaccine formula for production by the U.S.'s six flu vaccine manufacturers.

CDC recommends that baby boomers be tested for hepatitis c

CDC officials say that testing baby boomers for hepatitis C could identify 800,000 cases around the country.

Researchers: Something ‘unusual’ happening to Antarctic Peninsula

Researchers with the British Antarctic Survey say that the Antarctic Peninsula is warming faster than any place on Earth.

Astronomers: Two galaxy systems similar to Milky Way discovered (+video)

Astronomers says they have discovered two galaxy systems similar to the Milky Way.

NASA to launch mission to Van Allen radiation belts

NASA will launch two probes into low-Earth orbit Friday in order to study the Van Allen radiation belts.

Apple, Samsung agree to end of non-U.S. patent suits

Apple and Samsung lay down their weapons in global patent suits, but U.S. battle still rages.

Cosmonauts unfurl Russian flag in space after completing 6-hour spacewalk

Two Russian cosmonauts ventured outside the International Space Station (ISS) for almost six hours today (Aug. 22) and successfully installed a new telescope mount on the orbiting lab’s Zveda module, despite encountering a glitch in the equipment.