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FAA warns drone aircraft hobbyists to stay away from airports

The FAA is looking to integrate new rules and guidelines to alleviate near collisions with drones and commercial aircraft while sharing the airspace.

Space station astronauts enjoyed Thanksgiving meal, but no leftovers were allowed

Future astronauts may have the chance to eat fresh sweet potatoes on Thanksgiving.

Best streaming TV devices reviewed: Just in time for the holiday shopping season

Devices from Amazon, Ruku, Google and Apple are worth looking at for viewing online video on big-screen TV's.

Space station has two women astronauts onboard for long-term mission

Nov. 24 marked just the second time in the International Space Station's 16-year history that two women make up the long-term, six-member crew.

Sledgehammer rolls out highly anticipated update for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

Sledgehammer Games announced significant updates to Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. The patch addresses several bugs and also brings along numerous improvements to the overall gameplay.

Swiss voters overwhelmingly elect to restrict immigration

A broad coalition of business and union leaders had lobbied against the suggested quota on new immigrants amid fears that it would harm Switzerland's economy and ties to the European Union.

Radio telescopes on Earth will beam 90,000 messages to Mars on Nov. 28

U.S. space funding company and event organizer Uwingu will commemorate the launch of the first robotic probe to Mars 50 years ago.

In-fluid systems advance, astronauts soon to drink coffee from 3D-printed mugs

A newly developed coffee cup for astronauts could revolutionize fluid systems used in space.

Rare new species of flycatcher discovered in Indonesia

Genetic analysis and distinctive throat patterns have identified the newly identified Sulawesi Streaked Flycatcher as a new species.

Expresso drinks now being served on the International Space Station

Two Portland State Univ. researchers and a high school student studied how to enable expresso to be ingested in gravity-free environments using a specially designed cup.

Microsoft strategy of saturating mobile market is paying off

Microsoft happily waves good-bye to former CEO Steve Ballmer as it looks ahead to a bright future in the mobile market.

Fiat promotes new compact SUV as ‘a blue pill’ for U.S. market

Newly merged Fiat and Chrysler set sights on the company's new compact SUV, the 500X, to boost sagging U.S. sales.

Never lose your phone again with Motorola’s new Keylink

Motorola's new Keylink device fits on your keychain and costs $25.

Dropbox Carousel comes to iPad and the web

Dropbox's updated Carousel for the iPad will be available to Android users within two weeks, the company says.

Apple launches new iOS 8.1.1 update: Bug fixes and increased stability among improvements

This is Apple's third update since the debut of the iOS 8 operating system.

Canadian business executive stuck with high in-flight Wi-Fi bill

Jeremy Gutsche, CEO at TrendHunter, ends up paying $1,142 for extra data usage on Singapore Airlines flight.

Toyota’s first fuel cell vehicle will go on sale next month

Toyota makes final preparations as it launches the Toyota Mirai, the company's first fuel cell vehicle.

Next generation iPhone rumored to feature biggest camera upgrade ever

Some predict Apple will introduce a new two-lens camera system with the next generation iPhone.

Facebook contract bus drivers vote to unionize

Facebook contractor Loop Transportation voted to join Teamsters Local 853 in San Leandro, Calif.

Intel’s MICA bracelet is sleek, stylish and packed with new features

Intel's MICA bracelet offers a wide range of independent features, including messaging notifications.

Malware targeting Android smartphones on the rise, experts say

Hacker-attackers are infecting Android mobile devices on a massive scale, according to mobile security firm, Lookout.

CDC: Hurricane Issac will not increase number of West Nile cases

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) says they did not expect Isaac to worsen the West Nile virus outbreak.

Scientists discover strange butterflies near infamous Japanese nuclear plant

Scientists discover mutant butterflies near nuclear power plant.

Scientist: New makeup could protect soldiers from heat of bomb blasts

A newly devised form of camouflage could assist soldiers.

NASA: Mars rover begins eastbound journey

NASA says that the Mars Curiosity rover has begun its eastbound trek to Glenelg.

Billy Nye weighs in on evolution versus creationism debate

Bill Nye, a mechanical engineer and star of the popular 1990s TV show "Bill Nye The Science Guy," has waded into the evolution debate.

Researchers: Trampolines are too dangerous for kids

U.S. doctors believe trampolines are a danger to kids.

Researchers: Free bus passes have health benefits for older adults

Researchers have found that free bus passes have health benefits for senior citizens.