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DNA experiment pits U.S. versus China on ethics

A new study has raised ethical questions about China's experimental methods.

E-cigarettes: are they helping or hurting consumers?

Recent evidence suggests e-cigarettes may cause harm to young people.

Unborn babies protect their faces in wombs of smoking mothers

A recent study reveals babies covering their faces in wombs of mothers who smoke.

Study shows stars able to make sound

A new study reveals that stars have the ability to create sound.

NASA’s Curiosity rover finds evidence of life on Mars

NASA discovers nitrates on Mars, providing more evidence that life once existed on the red planet.

SpaceX cargo mission launch to space station delayed one week

More time needed by NASA to prepare for launch in order to send cargo to International Space Station.

Woods Hole research vessel sails into port for final time

The R/V Knorr located the wreckage of the Titanic and discovered tube worms thriving near hydrothermal vents on the ocean floor.

Antarctic sea ice content reaches record high in 2014: Highest amount since 1979

New NASA report released shows melting rate of land ice in West Antarctica has tripled in the last 10 years.

Strange circular landform on Mars stumps scientists

NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter has spotted yet another bizarre geological feature in the Red Planet's Athabasca region.

World’s largest telescope gets green light for construction

Three giant ground-based telescopes may shed light on the nature of dark energy and dark matter.

NASA and private firms exploring future asteroid mining in space

NASA is hoping future asteroid mining will yield precious spaceship fuel, water and other minerals.

Scientists use DNA testing to provide conclusive evidence of King Richard’s III sleletal remains

University of Leicester scientists determine that skeletal bones found in a parking lot in 2012 were of King Richard III.

Environmentalists see hope in China-New Zealand partnership on Antarctica

Conservationists hope new agreements between China and New Zealand will lead to more cooperation on environmental issues affecting Antarctica.

Ancient ancestors of horses, rhinos may have originated in India

Even when India was separated from Asia, it was home to primates similar to those in Europe at the time.

Footage of sea floor released by searchers for missing flight MH370

Searchers for missing plane say details revealed in newly released images of the Indian ocean seafloor could help.

NASA awards contracts for potential asteroid mining

NASA joins with two private companies to explore the economic feasibility of mining asteroids for materials needed for space exploration.

U.S. spy agencies launch effort to develop super-powerful exascale computers

U.S. military and intelligence agencies to build powerful new super-computer capable of a billion billion calculations per second.

Japan launches space probe to rendevous with an asteriod

Japan's Hayabusa2 space probe will spend 18 months flying in close formation with asteroid 1999 JU3.

Toyota touts new hydrogen-powered vehicle for 2016

The 2016 Toyota Mirai will eliminate expensive gas and messy oil changes forever.

The pros, cons of ‘clean coal’ technology receive scrutiny

Storing and capturing carbon emissions from coal-fired power plants uses about 25 percent to 45 percent of the power produced, studies show.

NASA’s mission to Pluto on track nine years after launch

The New Horizons space probe headed for Pluto will get within 6,200 miles of the dwarf planet's surface.

Shape of black hole’s shadow may confirm theory of general relativity

Scientists hope to get their first glimpse of a back hole using the refurbished ALMA telescope in Chile.

Turtles, dinosaurs closely related, new genetic study shows

The new genetic sequencing technique called Ultra Conserved Elements is allowing scientists to resolve long-standing evolutionary mysteries.

Social media not a great tool for predicting human behavior, according to academic scientists

Scientists at McGill Univ. and Carnegie Mellon Univ. warn that different social media platforms attract different demographics.

Jaunt VR introduces first 360-degree app for Google Cardboard

Jaunt VR's free app allows users to take part in Paul McCartney's recent Live and Let Die farewell concert.

United Nations holds climate talks in Peru: 195 countries in attendance

A total of 195 nations have committed to finalizing a new climate pact by the end of 2015.

Graphene could be used in next-generation bullet-proof vests

Graphene can withstand a speeding bullet 10 times better than steel and twice as well as Kevlar, a new study shows.

United Kingdom has embraced the Black Friday tradition: Will science/tech win out?

The UK population has swallowed up Black Friday and is pushing towards hyper-consumerism.