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What is the mysterious Himalayan Yeti? Probably a bear, scientists argue

One scientists believes that it could be an as-yet-undiscovered breed of polar bear, and wants to send an expedition to find out.

Smart glasses for astronauts? NASA will start testing them this year

NASA and ODG have formed a partnership to create glasses that project critical information onto the lenses so that astronauts can do away with printed instructions.

Stunning new research finds Saturn’s moon Enceladus may have a warm ocean

Scientists previously believed that there wasn't much to the tiny moon, just a third of the size of ours, but new research suggests that Enceladus could hold some intriguing secrets.

Breakthrough biotech drug could save billions in health care costs

For decades, biotech companies had a monopoly on their drugs until the FDA recently created a regulatory pathway that would allow for the creation of "biosimilars."

Scientists make stunning discovery of bird thought to be extinct in Myanmar

The Jerdon's babbler was thought to have disappeared from the planet back in the 1940s, but it was rediscovered by naturalists.

Stellar explosion blasts star through Milky Way at incredible speed

The star, likely blasted away from a supernova explosion, is speeding at 1,200 kilometers per second and is moving fast enough to leave the galaxy.

El Nino has arrived in California … but it may be too late to...

Although El Nino has brought relief from dry weather in the past, the storms it has brought this time around were too warm to lead to buildup of the snowpack in the Sierra Nevadas, a primary source of water for California.

Astronomers spot spectacular supernova … again, and again, and again

Thanks to what is known as "gravitational lensin," a cluster of galaxies has bent light from a very distant supernova, causing it to appear four different times in four different places.

Did Homer Simpson discover the Higgs boson before anyone else? Well, not necessarily…

A 1998 episode of "The Simpsons" shows Homer drawing up an equation on the blackboard that at least one scientists says definitely depicts the Higgs boson, also known as the "God particle."

Mysterious ancient dust-filled galaxy baffles scientists

The galaxy, which is just 700 million years removed from the Big Bang, has enough dust to rival that of our Milky Way, which is 13 billion years old -- something that shouldn't be possible, scientists thought.

Rosetta spacecraft takes a ‘Selfie’ over Comet 67P

The spacecraft captured its own shadow in a recent flyby with the comet that brought it just 6 kilometers from the celestial body's surface.

Alien life on Titan is possible — but completely unlike what we know, scientists...

Scientists believe methane-based life forms that don't need oxygen could swim in the vast, frigid methane seas of Saturn's largest moon.

Scientists excited with sudden discovery of ‘missing link’ in black hole evolution

Scientists have found what is known as an intermediate-mass black hole (IMBH), which is the elusive link between collapsed stars and the supermassive black holes that eventually form and become the center of galaxies.

Shocking findings: Stone Age Britons imported their own wheat

Scientists were able to prove that traces of wheat found in the area weren't grown domestically, as they couldn't find traces of wheat pollen in local samples of trees and animals.

Scientists stunned after finding a second mystery bright spot on Ceres

The Dawn mission will begin orbiting the giant asteroid in late April and will stay there until June 2016, when the nearly decade-long mission comes to an end -- hopefully shedding more light on those bright spots in the meantime.

Growing ocean acid causing massive problems for shellfish industry

The study finds that growing worldwide carbon emissions are being absorbed by the ocean, and the problem is causing widespread problems along both coasts of the United States.

Scientists learn new secrets of 1,000 year-old mummy in Buddha statue

Scientists performed a 3D scan on the statue, and conducted an endoscopy in order to learn more about the mummy, which is believed to be a Buddhist monk.

Carnivorous bladderwort has some surprising genes, scientists find

Scientists aren't sure why the bladderwort is so efficient with its DNA, but they hope to learn more in future studies.

Evolution makes sea creatures bigger, study finds

Researchers have found that sea creatures today are typically 150 times bigger than their counterparts during the Cambrian era, suggesting that evolution favors larger mammals.

Scientists mystified by massive plume over Mars

A range of possibilities have been offered by scientists, including that it is a cloud or an aurora, but all of them are easily debunked -- leaving scientists scratching their heads.

‘Interstellar’ visual effects team publishes study on Black Hole physics

Computer code developed by the Interstellar team could assist astrophysicists in their simulation of black holes.

Scientists crushed as ‘Big Bang’ evidence evaporates on further analysis

The "discovery" had been hailed as a major breakthrough and the first direct evidence of the Big Bang, but further analysis by an ESA telescope showed it was only space dust that caused the signature.

White House proposes massive $18.5 billion NASA spending plan

The new budget would allow NASA to aggressively pursue missions to Mars, Europa, and elsewhere -- although it remains to be seen whether the Republican-led Congress will sign off on it.

Scientists surprised to find brilliant pink sea slugs swarming Northern California tide pools

The sea slugs are able to survive farther north than their usual habitat due to warming oceans.

Violent red dwarf stars could turn mini-Neptunes into exo-Earths

The finding opens up the possibility that there are other possible locations where life could be discovered out in space.

Surprise: Baby chicks count left to right, just like humans

In an experiment, researchers found that baby chicks associated small numbers with the left side and large numbers with the right side.

Hunt is on for Northern African pythons to keep them out of Everglades

The Northern African python is extremely elusive, making it difficult for wildlife officials to track it down in Miami before it can invade the Everglades.