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Is our universe actually a hologram?

We think we live in a universe with three spatial dimensions -- but sometimes, appearances are not what they seem.

Alarming study: Smog may be damaging your brain

Scientists have long linked air pollution to airway problems, but they were surprised to find that it actually shrinks your brain as well.

It’s the Hubble Space Telescope’s 25th birthday — here’s some surprising facts about it

Most people don't realize just how much work the Hubble does -- and that it actually has three siblings that give it a helping hand.

Scientists discover strange magma reservoir beneath Yellowstone

A team of scientists have peered deep into the Earth's crust beneath Yellowstone and found the makings of a deadly supervolcano that could wipe out a huge chunk of life on Earth.

Alarming study: More workers are abusing stimulants on the job

Workers are abusing stimulants like Adderall, Concerta, and Vyvanse more and more often to keep up with an increasingly hectic work environment.

Scientists amazed by new discovery about mysterious deep-sea Vampire Squid

The surprising findings could change the way scientists think about the elusive creature, and reveals there's still a lot we don't know about this mysterious pseudo-squid.

Stunning breakthrough allows doctors to predict breast cancer years in advance

The new technique, developed by doctors in Denmark, uses a rather amazing new method to spot cancer before materializes into a tumor.

Elon Musk has a blunt explanation for spectacular SpaceX rocket explosion

The second attempt to land a Falcon rocket on a platform at sea was a failure yet again, but it was a definite improvement over January's test.

Huge kickback scandal includes shocking pay-for-blood scheme, report says

The Justice Department is getting two laboratories to cough up $50 million to settle claims that it was paying off doctors for blood tests and then billing Medicare for millions.

A mysterious ‘blob’ in the Pacific is causing California’s drought, scientists say

The strange phenomenon has resulted in the drought in the West Coast and a series of snowstorms on the East Coast.

Mystery solved: Truth about massive Mosasaurs giving birth surprises scientists

Researchers initially believed the specimens they were studying were the remains of ancient birds, but eventually realized these finds were baby mosasaurs.

Scientists shocked to learn truth about sea turtles during their ‘lost years’

Long thought to be drifters, the truth about young sea turtles turned out to be much, much different than scientists expected.

Can you really fix balding by yanking out the hair you have left? Maybe,...

Scientists have found that removing hairs from their follicles in a small, concentrated area can lead to dramatic regeneration of hair in a breakthrough that could lead to new treatments.

Scientists shocked after finding life-building compounds in alien star system

The complex organic compounds were stumbled on by accident by a team using Chile's huge ALMA telescope.

Scientists stunned over findings of Moon’s violent birth

Researchers have found that the moon formed when a proto-planet slammed into the early Earth, and they've found the evidence to back it up.

Shocking find: Speed-like chemical found in dietary supplements you may use

The FDA discovered the presence of BMPEA in supplements as far back as 2013 but did nothing about it, leading the study's authors to criticize the agency.

It’s back! Brontosaurus resurrected after more than 100 years

Scientists have long thought that the Brontosaurus was merely a slightly different version of the Apatosaurus, but a new study turns that theory on its head.

Dazzling ‘blood moon’ creates stunning show for stargazers

The moon glowed a haunting red color as it fell completely within Earth's shadow.

Scientists stunned to find tiny ‘dragons’ deep in the Andes

The new species of woodlizards grow up to six inches long and feature colorful scales and spikes.

Ghostly green space clouds captured in stunning Hubble photos

The clouds are lit up by quasars, which are incredibly bright streams of high-energy radiation emitted by supermassive black holes.

Stunning find: 508-million-year-old anthropod with vicious claws discovered

Yawunik kootenayi was discovered at a dig site in British Columbia and is believed to be 508 million years old.

Scientists discover amazing secret lives of pandas using GPS trackers

GPS trackers have been banned by the Chinese government for a long time, and this groundbreaking new study provided some interesting details about their lives out in the wild.

‘Power naps’ have amazing effects on your memory, stunning new study finds

Researchers found that just sleeping for an hour or less could have a five-fold improvement on your ability to recall things.

Shocking study: Jupiter may be the only reason Earth exists

The study found that our solar system is actually quite unique in the universe, as Jupiter may have caused the destruction of a "super-Earth" that would have prevented our own Earth from forming.

Scientists shocked: Largest meteor crater ever discovered in Australian Outback

The huge meteor would have wiped out any life on Earth at the time -- but scientists are still puzzled over just how old the crater is.

Women, want to have more sex? Get some sleep, study finds

The study, which examined 171 women over a period of weeks, found that sleeping just one additional hour boosted the chances of getting laid the next day by 14 percent.

Spectacular green auroras erupt over Earth after massive solar storm

An intense G4 solar storm crashed into Earth, charging particles in the atmosphere and putting on the impressive natural show we know as the Northern Lights.

Game-changer: Super-material Graphene has surprising uses even when ‘defective’

Graphene has some incredible potential due to its strength and conductivity, but perfect sheets have been difficult to produce -- now, that might not be necessary.