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Himalayan glaciers melting at ‘exceptional rate’

The accelerating melting of the Himalayan glaciers threatens the water supply of millions of people in Asia, new research warns.

Brain implant bypasses damaged nerves to control paralyzed limbs

Scientists have been able to bypass the nervous system entirely to help paralyzed patients regain control over their limbs.
comet Lovejoy

Was it the mysterious planet X that killed the dinosaurs?

Could the mysterious (and theoretical) Planet X, also known as Nibiru, have dislodged the comet or asteroid that wiped out the dinosaurs?

Arctic melt-off in Greenland gets off to early start

The massive ice sheet covering much of Greenland is off to the races, and not in a good way. The ice sheet has already...
alpha centauri

“Starshot” could send craft to Alpha Centauri in just 20 years

Interstellar travel has so far remained well outside of humanity's grasp. The problem? All of our current technology is simply too slow. Now, Stephen...
rain drops

Rain powered solar panels may someday be a thing

One of the drawbacks to solar panels is that they require sunlight to function properly. Rainy day? Happen to live in a rainy region,...
smart spray paint

Smart spray paint can: Could robots one day replace artists?

Surely, robots won’t replace artists. Factory workers sure, cashiers yes, doctors maybe, but creative classes must be beyond the reach of automation, right? After...
world heritage sites, machu picchu

WWF: Nearly half of World Heritage sites under severe threat

Economic development has many benefits, lifting people out of poverty, spreading access to vital services, like health care and the Internet, and providing numerous...

Humans get “turned on” by touching robot

Turns out that sex robots might have some scientific merit. In a recent study, researchers found evidence that humans are “turned on” by touching...

Fitbit helps save patient’s life, points to power of personal biometric scanners

For the first time ever, emergency physicians are reporting that a personal activity tracker, in this case a Fitbit, was used while providing vital...
ancient anthropod

Anthropod that dragged children along on “leashes” discovered

Sometimes parents get criticized for literally putting their children on leashes. Turns out that we humans aren't the first. An ancient anthropod that has...

Ebola flares up in Liberia once again

Just a few years ago, much of Western Africa was under threat of an ebola outbreak that was threatening to reach biblical portions. Following...

New Invasive Tumble Weed Rapidly Expanding Across U.S.

As if drought stricken, over-crowded California doesn't have enough problems. Now, a new species of tumbleweed is rapidly spreading across the Western state, threatening...

Amazon Founder’s Rocket Set To Take To Air Saturday For Third Time

While Elon Musk may be making the most headlines with his space race ambitions, Amazon.com founder Jeff Bezos is also looking to make some...
white-nose syndrome

Fungal disease responsible for killing millions of bats heads west

The United States has seen an extreme drop in its bat population due to a fungal disease that has been spreading rapidly across the...
55 cancri e

Half-Lava Half-Rock Planet Orbits Star In Just 18 hours

A team of astronomers recently completed the most detailed examination to date of a rocky planet outside of our solar system. Much of the...
California looking to normalize marijuana industry with new regulations

Study uncovers marijuana’s effects on social rejection

Research carried out at the  Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) has found that young adults who use marijuana react differently to social exclusion. Researchers found that...

The Super-Eruptions Of Yellowstone’s Past

Did you know that the United States is home to super-volcanoes? The Yellowstone Caldera, for example, is a still-active volcanic structure of epic portions,...