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Finally someone you can beat in a marathon – only you’ll need to be...

A race against the machine would leave you quite far behind - even if the speed is about 50-100 metres per day. The reason is, you're both on Mars, you and the NASA rover Opportunity.

The Cicada drone can eaves-drop, locate submarines and lacks a propulsion system

Will the skies be full of drones in ten years, doing everything from delivering mail to locating lost pets? Chances are - yes! The military are using the Cicada drone for predicting tornadoes, registering seismic or sonic events - and it actually has no engine.

Always a good idea to look twice at multiple earthquakes – Will Kilauea erupt...

Sudden activities such as a multitude of earthquakes every hour, and a lava lake that risens to its highest level ever, only to sink away out of sight shortly after, has gotten the USGS on their toes in Hawaii.

How close can four black holes get to one another? Check out this ‘quadruple...

The quasar quartet was jauntily named the "Jackpot Nebula"

Let’s check the weather forecast for another solar system, shall we?

With data from the Kepler telescope, astrophysicists at the University of Toronto have managed to put together weather reports from six different exo-planets.

Finally we meet Kerberos and Styx – NASA’s New Horizon has seen Pluto’s...

We've come this far and look what we found - the last two known and discovered moons of Pluto, Kerberos and Styx. Let's talk about how the photo was taken from 55 million miles away!

New method lets the doctor identify TBC in days – not weeks

The next time you need treatment for an infectious disease like tuberculosis, chances are you'll get exactly the right antimicrobial drug within just a few days, rather than in six weeks which has been what to expect until now.

Raise your glass to the butterflies: Vineyards are great for conservation, study finds

Turns out that wine can be as good for butterflies as it is for humans.