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Feeding our cars with corn will cost us 19 years of increased greenhouse emission

Truck driving on fossil fuels will only get us that far - now scientists have come up with a detailed prediction model to see how long it takes to outweigh the negative effects of turning natural land into biofuel crop farms.

First finding ever of nova ejected lithium in the Universe

One of the most important building stones of our physical Universe, and one of the largest, missing pieces in the jigsaw that the Big...

Watch out for yourself! Humans are over-speeding their outtake of Earth’s resources

Earth's resources are limited and with the high speed usage of today, humans will soon exhaust them, leaving us with no alternatives left for food and fuel.

Study of kids facing threats leads to the answer on how to create world...

Kids facing threats & believing in hostility create cultural or racial conflicts later on life - this study shows what we need to add to the Golden Rule.

Wanna go Hyperloop-ing? In 2018 we could get from San Francisco to Los Angeles...

The next generation of superfast and cool transportation is knocking at the door - Hyperloop is a new system of magnetic, pressurized tunnels - have a look!

They should’ve put those life-detecting instruments on Rosetta; evidence is convincing

As the Rosetta spacecraft from ESA has landed on the comet, one thing is deeply missed - life-detecting instruments to interpret the vital signs of microbes

We’re closing in – and the dark spots on Pluto are just too evenly...

Scientists can't wait to get closer for the next 10 days, as the dark spots on Pluto can't yet be explained with the current data.

Sinkholes eject jet streams from comet – Rosetta takes first images ever

Watching out for sinkholes is not a bad idea when taking a walk on Earth, but who knew they could also be found on a comet - look at the unique images!

Skipping sugary drinks will get you healthier – and could keep you alive!

That cool, refreshening, sugary drink in your hand may be considered a health hazard with potentially deadly consequences - look at the statistics!

Create an entire 3D printed car with a 700 horsepower engine – check!

Have a ride in the coolest 3D printed car out there - it's faster than a McLaren P1 and has a 700 horsepower engine - and it will change the car industry!

Will Pluto regain its planet status in July? New Horizons will send determining facts

Exciting times as New Horizons approaches the Kuiper belt, with the ex-planet Pluto - which may even re-qualify for a planet status once data comes in!

India has a huge untapped freshwater source in rain – NASA data shows how...

Data from NASA and JAEA project TMRR gave the keys needed to calculate exactly how big the benefits would be to India from simple rainwater harvesting.

Finally those nasty oil spills can be solved in an eco-friendly manner

Why clean up one mess only to leave another one behind? Now scientists have found a CLEAN and biodegradable way to collect oil spills from our oceans.

Swedish university and entrepreneurs go for the 3D printed house production challenge

Want to build a somewhat unique and still sustainable house for your family? Try making contacts with the large team behind the +Project in Sweden - here everyone prepares for a World Expo in 2018, where they will show how they 3D print everything from doors to complete houses based on cellulose.

12,000 kilometers of fiber optic communication – without repeaters!

By combing the frequencies as they arrive from their 12,000 kilometers long journey through silica fiber optic cables, scientists have successfully outsmarted the unavoidable distortion called "crosstalk" that always happens, making it possible to completely eliminate the need for repeaters along the way.

Electric cars could lead to fewer deaths caused by heart disease

What many people just know by how they feel when exposed to noisy traffic outside their home, especially when they have worked hard all week and just need to relax for a couple of hours, is now confirmed by the largest study ever, linking high levels of traffic noise to an increased risk of having a stroke or even dying.

200 hours of water splitting from a 1.5 volt battery – hydrogen production has...

Achieving a cheap, stabile process where hydrogen is produced through splitting water molecules, to then be used as fuel in transportation and industry - well, could you do it any cheaper and more available for large-scale use than this?

Goodbye to silicon in solar panels – Hello organic molecules!

Scientists at KIT have come up with a cheap, extremely flexible option for expensive silicon-based solar panel solutions - it's called MOF-porphyrine, and "opens the door to a new room".

Going all emotional about it, or do you reason? Study shows your brain can...

Study shows are brains are different from each other, depending on whether we have a more emotional type of empathy or a reasoning one.

Cassini gets into cuddling distance to Dione, a Saturn moon

Finding friends in outer space is not as easy as one may think, but NASA spacecraft Cassini is flirting away on its fourth date with the Saturn moon Dione already.

Them awesome bees – a fraction of wildbees pollinate almost all our crops

Did you know how extremely important only 2% of 20,000 wildbee species are, as they are the ones pollinating almost all of our crops?

Philae has phoned home, finally – ESA comet lander is awake.

After months, Philae the comet lander has decided to phone home. Now scientists work hard to catch up with lost work opportunities before the comet gets too close to the sun.

Explanation finally found for Saturn’s hexagon polar cyclone?

What would cause a result looking like the hexagonal north pole cyclone of Saturn? New scientific model stretching over hundreds of days may have come up with the final answer.

Landing on a comet was the ‘easy’ part – but where’s that lander now?

Small accidents can have large impacts on space missions. The European Space Agency landed Philae on the 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko comet, which is moving in cycles...

Largest study ever on ancient European DNA, shows three main immigrating groups

Tracing history back in time can sometimes involve extracting, comparing, and analyzing DNA from a hundred or so skeletons - but it pays off! With three major immigration events, geneticists are now more sure than ever about how modern Europe came to be.

Re-writing science textbooks – Saturn’s largest ring just won’t behave as expected

Try putting the largest ring in the solar system within frames, and you just end up re-writing well-established rules. Phoebe is 270 times larger than Saturn's radius, and does not behave as everyone thought it would.

Could glass deposits on Mars reveal how life was once present there too?

Finding old remnants of life in impact glass deposits on Earth, could prove to be one of the most promising possibilities to find evidence of life on Mars.

Google Streetview puts on its goggles and dives into our oceans

Soon Google could have their eyes exactly everywhere, creating a 360 degrees x 24 time zones map over both oceans and land on our planet - or at least they got off to a good start, celebrating the World Oceans Day, June 8, by launching dozens of underwater camera views, from the Great Barrier Reef to an Indonesian shipwreck.