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Research shows what women find most attractive about men.

Women need the opposite sex to secure the survival of the species. According to science, it is far from random what women find most attractive about men.

What women find most attractive about men
The George Clooney effect is one of the important traits women look for. Credit Business Insider
A collection of studies show what women find most attractive about men. Women subconsciously scan a man for a variety of physical features that decide whether he is attractive or not. If the physical attraction is there it means that it is a better breeding ground for the species’ survival.
Several studies have mapped the physical characteristics of what women find most attractive about men.
study from Harvard University, has surveyed women’s preferences for men’s physique and come up with the most common factors that determine attractiveness.
1. A narrow waist, a V-shaped torso and wide shoulders are most attractive according to women. In addition, most women like men who are taller than themselves. It is also important that a man has a symmetrical face, because it indicates healthy genes.
2. A deep voice
A deep voice attracts women. A study from the University College London have shown that it is because a deep voice signals a large body – meaning that the male is tall. Most women were attracted to a dark voice that was also slightly hoarse, because it indicates that the man has a low level of aggression despite his size.
3. Muscles – but not too big
In a study by the the University of California researchers looked at women’s preference for muscles. Women like men with big muscles and thinks that these men are the sexiest – but also the most unreliable and make the least faithful partners. Men with less but visible much muscle size was considered to be the most attractive.
4. Older men
Some psychologists call the phenomenon the George Clooney effect. It means that women prefer men who are older than themselves. A survey of 3770 women also found that when a woman becomes economically independent she is more drawn to older men. The researcher behind the study, Fhionna Moore says to PsychCentral, that financial independence gives a woman greater confidence to choose a partner who is older, has power and who looks good.
5. Do not smile
One would think that a dazzling smile would attract women. But a Canadian study from the University of British Columbia shows that women do not find men who smile particularly attractive. The most attractive expression is pride. A woman reads a smile as a sign of lack of dominance. Although a smile did not attract women. A woman who smiles is considered more attractive by men.
6. Men in red
In a cross-study with women from England, China, Germany and the United States. Researchers also found that women are most attracted to men who dress in red. The red color radiates strength, power and domination, and the color has been a status symbol since the Roman Empire, when the mighty men wore red robes.
Men who doesn’t have the characteristics listed above should not despair. Several studies has shown that it is less predictable what women find most attractive about men than the other way around.
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