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Mexican architects want to build skyscraper upside down

The future "earth scraper" will be upside down, and those who live there have to get used to live and work deep below the earth's surface. In Mexico, architects are ready to build the entire 65 floors into the earth.

Earth Scrapers 300 meters into the Ground

A group of Mexican architects are ready to launch their latest project called the “earth scraper”. The idea is to build an inverted skyscraper that reaches 300 meters down into the ground in the Plaza de la Constitución, the central square of Mexico City’s vibrant city center.

The project was born out of frustration about the city’s strict building regulations. In Mexico City’s historic center, new buildings cannot be more than eight stories high – but downwards are no limitations. Therefore Bunker Arquitectura, one of Mexico’s young architectural firms, designed a reverse skyscraper, which is shaped like a pyramid and extends 65 floors into the ground.

Provides insight into the Aztec empire 

The “Earth scraper” is to be placed directly under Mexico City’s central square – one of the world’s largest – and covered with glass, so that the city’s pedestrians can walk on top of the glass and throw curious glances down into the giant, inverted skyscraper.

According to the architects, the curious will have a lot to look at, for example, the developers will build a museum dedicated to the Aztecs, who founded the city, 50 meters below the glass surface. The earth beneath the city is full of ruins from the Aztecs, and the museum will allow the city’s residents to walk among the remains of their ancestral city.

Residential and green living down there in the depths

Deeper down, they plan to place stores, offices and homes but also green areas which will be illuminated by optical fibers. The lights will be so bright that both trees and flowers will thrive.

The unusual project is still on the drawing board, but the architects are planning a presentation for the Mexican government and are ready to implement the plans, if the politicians accept them. More details about the project can be found here


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