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Clitoris – Twelve things you probably didn’t know about it

THE CLITORIS: It is much more than a small button in the woman's vagina. The clitoris is hiding under the skin like an iceberg, and until 1998, scientists didn't know what it really looks like. We have made a list of interesting facts about the woman's pleasure center.

The clitoris was long a mystery to scientists, but not to women
The clitoris was long a mystery to scientists, but not to women Image - credit: sheknows.com

1. It has only one purpose
The clitoris has only one purpose – to give pleasure. This female pleasure center is the only organ in the human body who has no other anatomical function than to create sexual arousal.

3. Most nerve endings here
With its 8000 nerve endings there is no other human organ that is as sensitive as the clitoris. In comparison, the tip of the penis only has 4000 nerve endings.

4. Growing pains throughout life
Like the ears and the nose, it never stops growing. When a woman enters menopause, her clitoris is about five times as large as when she was a teenager.

5. Men also had one
Both sexes begin their life as girls in early gestation. If the fetus is a boy, it will not develop a penis until it is approximately twelve weeks old. Therefore, you – whether you are a woman or a man – once had a clitoris.

6. Represents the most orgasms
An analysis of 33 studies conducted over the past 85 years show that between 50 and 75 percent of all women only reach orgasm if the clitoris is stimulated. In other words, a “normal” sexual intercourse rarely leads to a female orgasm.

7. It contracts
During an orgasm it contracts in pulsating movements. A clitoral orgasm generally involve 3 to 16 contractions and varies between 10 and 30 seconds.

8. The distance is crucial
Research has shown that the closer to the vaginal opening it is, the easier it is for a woman to have an orgasm. Throughout history, many women – unsuccessfully – tried to move it closer to the vaginal opening through surgery in the pursuit of an orgasm. The woman in history who is best known for this, and who actually underwent an unsuccessful attempt at surgery to operate on her clitoris, is Princess Marie Bonaparte – granddaughter of Napoleon’s brother Lucien.

9. It also becomes hard
In the same way that a penis becomes erect, the clitoris becomes rigid when a woman gets aroused. As in her male counterpart, the clitoris is a corpus cavernosum which fill with blood during sexual arousal.

10. Hyenas has the largest
All mammals have them, but hyenas has the largest in relation to its size. Their’s resemble a penis. it is long, hanging outside the body, and can become stiff. Hyena females even have a hole on top of their clitoris which they urinate out of, give birth and mate through.

11. We have only had an eye on them for 18 years
The clitoris was long a mystery to scientists. It was not until 1998 that the Australian urologist Helen O’Connell charted the clitoral anatomy. She did so with the help of MRI scans of a variety of women’s vaginas.

12. The key to the woman
The word clitoris is derived from the ancient Greek. Linguists believe that it comes from the word kleitoris which roughly meant little hill. Another suggestion is that the word means key – an indication that the clitoris is the key to female sexuality.

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