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Woman goes to hospital for stomach ache, finds out she’s pregnant

A 47 year old woman from Massachusetts was blown away by the good news that doctors gave her on reaching the hospital with abdominal pain; she was pregnant and delivered within an hour

Usually, a pregnancy is pretty hard to miss. Pregnancies are accompanied by a wide range of high noticeable physical changes. Yet occasionally woman can carry a pregnancy for months before they realize that they are pregnant.

Judy Brown, a 47 year old woman from Massachusetts, was caught unaware of her pregnancy when she landed in the hospital complaining of abdominal pain.

Soon after doctors examined her, they quickly realized that she was not only pregnant, but also entering labor. Shortly after entering the hospital for what she thought was a simple stomach ache, Judy gave birth to a baby girl.

Judy did acknowledge the changes in her body but pregnancy was the last thing on her mind. Medical daily reports that she did not suffer from any morning sickness and linked her weight gain to menopause. Judy’s husband, Jason, too was surprised to discover this news.

The couple wasn’t prepared for the new addition to their family so they are taking help from friends, relatives and neighbors for baby products, furniture and even a bassinet. They, however, believe that “if it happens, it happens.” Judy delivered a healthy 8-pound baby girl and the couple has named her Carolyn.

Carolyn has been welcomed warmly by the couple but they assert that she will be their only child and Jason would soon opt for vasectomy. While this story may seem a bit surreal, Judy far from the first woman to have stayed oblivious of her pregnancy.

As per Slate, “a very small number of mothers make it to the labor stage without finding out they’re expecting.” Almost all of these women have irregular periods and they simply link their missed periods to their problem, which is obviously the best sign of pregnancy.”