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Researchers find strong evidence that T. rex was a cannibal

Some shocking facts about the eating choices of the Cretaceous carnivore revealed by paleontologists suggest that the T. rex would even feed on its own kind

The T.rex has earned a reputation as a ruthless, ferocious and reckless beast and if you have ever wondered what it’s diet was like, then the answer is “anything and everything”. Paleontologists, however, have unveiled a shocking fact about the eating choices of the Cretaceous carnivore: It was a cannibal.

Earlier findings have also found the T. rex to be a cannibal. In the year 2010, Nicholas Longrich and his team of researchers found four other T. rex bones that had divots and gouges. These could only have been caused by the giant and violent predator, T. rex.

The National Geographic has reported the recent discovery of a set of 66-million-year-old Tyrannosaurus limb bones unearthed in Wyoming with massive scratches in them. The results of this discovery will be presented at the annual Geological Society of America meeting in Baltimore, Maryland on Monday.

Study author Matthew McLain says that these scratches were obviously the work of a massive predator with serrated teeth, and given the age of the bones, these could only have been made by a T. rex.

Of course, the findings certainly don’t mean that the T. Rex only ate its own kind, or even had a preference for their own kind. Paleontologists actually have a good idea of what the T. rex ate because they have access to an elaborate collection of fossil broken bones and fossil feces.

Of course, we can’t see the massive T. Rex’s of old feed in real time. However, via computer modeling a comparison of T. rex anatomy to that of modern-day carnivores was achievable and this helped paleontologists conclude that the T. rex was a cannibal.

An earlier study to calculate the bite forces of prehistoric predators found that an adult T. rex could bite with an enormous force of approximately 57,000 newtons (12,800 pounds). Although this is not actually considered to be the strongest bite of all time, it was certainly good enough for the T. rex to emerge as one of the most fearsome predators of all time.