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Mom makes ‘princess’ wig for kids with cancer

Christensen is raising money in order to make more wigs

An Alaska woman’s ‘Magic Yarn Project’ has added a lot of love to the lives of many children suffering from cancer. She is creating special princess wigs for kids and she feels that she is bringing a smile to a face that really needs it.

The do-gooder wishes to recruit more volunteers who wish to help her in her project. Holly Christensen of Palmer, Alaska, had seen her friend’s daughter getting diagnosed with cancer and it was then that she decided to start the project. Christensen was a cancer nurse earlier and she had a clear idea of how difficult it will be for the two-year-old girl to undergo cancer treatment.

Christensen is a former oncology nurse is a mother of three. The girl for whom she had made her first token of love was Lily, who was diagnosed with lymphoma this year. Christensen‘s main aim behind the wig was to keep Lily’s scalp warm and protect it with something soft, along with bringing a little warmth and joy to her life.

Christensen while talking to ABC News, said, “Once a cancer nurse, always a cancer nurse. It is not easy to work for cancer patients. It was last fall when I found out that my friend’s daughter has been diagnosed with cancer. I knew that chemotherapy will make her lose hair.”

In order to cheer up the little girl, Christensen created a beautiful long wig out of yellow yarn that resembled Rapunzel’s hair. Christensen’s daughters had dressed up as Princess Elsa and Princess Anna from the movie Frozen and it was then that she learned how to make wigs out of yarns.

She stated that the wig was appreciated and was an instant hit. Quickly, another family that asked for a similar wig for their child who had cancer.

Chemotherapy makes skin sensitive and tender and there are several cancer patients who do not want to wear traditional wigs.

She wanted to make more wigs and this made her conduct a workshop on how to make wigs with beanies. She soon started hearing from many families who requested her for wigs.

A craft group in women’s prison now wants to help her in her project.

She added that giving a wig to someone who has lost hair due to cancer is like adding little bit of magic to someone’s life and it is very rewarding. Christensen is raising money in order to make more wigs and she gives wigs to young cancer patients free of cost. She primarily makes princess hair styles for little girls, but recently she has received an order of a rainbow style wig for a four-year-old girl recently diagnosed of cancer.