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Seaworld may discontinue its orcas show (+Video)

U.S. congressman announces to refrain the display of killer whales for entertainment in the middle of growing concerns expressed by SeaWorld’s killer whale show critics

Seaworld may soon discontinue its killer whales/orcas show following continued demand from animal rights activists for the release of all orcas.

Democrat representative Adam Schiff, said last week that he intends to introduce a new bill that will prohibit the breeding of captive orcas, including their export and import.

Some time back, SeaWorld announced that it would spend over $100 million to increase the size of its orcas enclosure at SeaWorld San Diego, however the effort may turn out to be a waste of time. The California Coastal Commission that has control of all construction along the coastline, agreed to the project but added some new stipulations that Sea World stop importing killer whales completely and also to stop breeding them.

SeaWorld was less-than-thrilled at this announcement and they plan to appeal against the court’s decision. Animal rights activists have demanded release all the orcas to seaside sanctuaries.

A U.S congressman from Southern California denounced the display of orcas for entertainment in the middle of continuously increasing concerns expressed by SeaWorld’s killer whale show critics.

Schiff stated, “The evidence is very strong that the psychological and physical harm done to these magnificent animals far outweighs any benefits reaped from their display.” If the law is put into place, it would mark a major advance in the battle to end the abuse of marine mammals worldwide.

Jill Kermes, a spokeswoman for SeaWorld Entertainment also said that with the help of research with scientists, government and conservation leaders, SeaWorld is making sure that all animals under human captivity are given proper care and dignified treatment.

SeaWorld Entertainment Inc., which is the parent company of SeaWorld San Diego, owns 24 orcas, which are presently housed at three parks in the U.S., including the Miami Sea-Aquarium, which has one orca.

However, representatives of SeaWorld showed strong opposition to Schiff’s announcement. They added that SeaWorld is in no way treating their orcas with cruelty.

Schiff’s statement has come at an inopportune time for SeaWorld because it is still fighting against several charges that were leveled in the documentary “Blackfish” in 2013.  The documentary shows how captive orcas are treated cruelly at most marine parks.