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Another deadly Salmonella outbreak in California

Credit: Rocky Mountain Laboratories,NIAID,NIH Color-enhanced scanning electron micrograph showing Salmonella typhimurium (red) invading cultured human cells.

A California company is recalling cucumbers that were imported from Mexico due to a Salmonella poisoning outbreak. So far at least 285 people have come down with Salmonella poisoning in some 27 different states, with one California resident succumbed to the disease.

The victim was a 99 year old woman from San Diego. So far, more than half of those who have been infected by the disease have been children under the age of 18. Salmonella posses a bigger risk to children, the elderly, and other groups with compromised immune systems.

The company at the center of the outbreak, Andrew and Williamson Fresh Produce, has announced that it has recalled all cucumbers sold under the brand “Limited Edition” from Aug. 1 up till this past Thursday. At this time no other fruits or vegetables are being recalled by the company.

Apparently, the cucumbers originated in Baja California, Mexico, and have been distributed in a minimum of 22 U.S. states. Arizona alone has reported at least 66 cases spread across at least six counties.

According for the Center of Disease Control another 53 individuals have been hospitalized since the outbreak was first reported in early July.

Salmonella poisoning posses one of the biggest food-related risks in the United States and around the world. There are some 2,000 different strains of the Salmonella bacteria, but only a dozen or so of the strains are believed to actually get people sick.

The Center for Disease Control reports that Salmonella poisoning results in approximately 19,000 hospitalizations per year, along with 380 deaths. Most people recover without treatment.

Common signs of Salmonella poisoning include nausea, diarrhea, cramps and abdominal pain, vomiting, fever, and muscle pain. Most people are able to recover from the sickness in three to four days.

If you believe you are suffering from Salmonella poisoning, it is recommended that you seek medical attention immediately as the disease is very serious.

For people with weakened immune systems Salmonella poisoning can result diseases such as such as typhoid fever, paratyphoid fever, and food poisoning – Source Wikipedia

Source: Wikipedia