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Wanna go Hyperloop-ing? In 2018 we could get from San Francisco to Los Angeles in 30 minutes

Elon Musk keeps on moving those boundaries somewhere else – now he invests in the Hyperloop project, which is on its way to become a reality. With a combination of low-pressurized tubes, and capsules riding on a cushion of air that is blasted from skis below them, propelled forward by magnetic linear acceleration, the Hyperloop installation is seen as the future for fast and environmentally friendly transportation systems, according to Reuters.

Dirk Ahlborn at the Hyperloop Transportation Technologies talks about their invention: “Well imagine a capsule filled with people that’s hovering inside the tube. Inside the tube you create a low pressure environment very similar to an airplane that’s at high altitudes. So now the capsule traveling inside the tubes doesn’t encounter as much resistance, and so therefor can travel really fast with very little energy.”

The team behind the big plans are not afraid of thinking outside of potential boxes. Among other things they speculate in wether or not people really need to have tickets, or if the income could come from other directions. Also, the concrete pylons supporting the transportation system could be used for productive or recreational purposes, instead of just standing there. Perhaps bee hives, different energy solutions, gardens or something else will enhance the experience and encourage anyone needing to live next to a concrete pylon to accept and even welcome their new “neighbor”.

Musk himself does not hesitate to point out that this new transportation system is better in several ways compared to the state’s plans for a high-speed rail system. Hyperloop will be safer, faster, lower in cost and more convenient, he claims.

Space Exploration Technologies, or SpaceX, Elon Musk’s privately owned company, will build a test track in California, and has announced a competition for prototype pods, however, neither Elon Musk or SpaceX are affiliated with the Hyperloop companies.

The system will be 100% solar powered, and during the first test phases, attempts will be made to break the current speed record, infusing confidence in the investors and assuring the future successful progress of the highly scalable project.

Image: Hyperloop