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Women, want to have more sex? Get some sleep, study finds

If women want to have more sex, there’s one thing they can do to get it: sleep more.

A new study from the University of Michigan found that women who got an extra hour of sleep were 14 percent likely to get laid the next day, according to a TIME report.

The study examined the sleep and sexual habits of 171 young women over a period of two weeks, and researchers found that not only did women who slept more have more sex, they were more satisfied with the sex.

As it turns out, getting plenty of sleep helps boost one’s mood and energy, which leads to more sexual desire and more energy during intercourse.

The average sleep duration for women in the study was 7 hours, 22 minutes. For each additional hour of sleep, there was a 14 percent boost in sex likelihood.

The women in the study noticed it themselves, reporting that they felt more aroused after a longer night’s sleep.

Study author David Kalmbach told CBS that one thing women or their partners can do to help keep problems in the bedroom from cropping up is to make sure that each of them get a good night’s sleep. That means doing the little kindnesses: doing work around the house to reduce your partner’s workload or planning a fun getaway.

Shorter sleep time has been linked to worse sleep quality, and, as a result, poor results in the bedroom. But prior studies have often look at just one point in time, as opposed to this study, which delves deeper into women’s sleep health and how that links up with sex.

The study’s findings were published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine.

Although the research should be taken with a grain of salt due to the fact it only looks at the association between the two things and doesn’t prove a cause and effect, Dr. Nathaniel F. Watson, president-elect of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, said according to CBS that it was one of the few studies to examine the issue, and the results are compelling and worthy of further studies.