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‘Interstellar’ wormholes not likely to exist

In the new Christopher Nolan film ‘Interstellar’, Mathew McConaughey leads a team of scientists through a wormhole in order to save humanity. However, while intriguing cinema, astrophysicists have stated that such a journey would be quite impossible in real life.

The first time the concept of wormhole space travel was introduced to Hollywood was in the 1998 film, “Contact”. This film spurred scientists to take a longer, more serious look at the prospect of wormholes, but that does not mean traveling through them has become any more possible. According to a report by UPI, Kip Thorn, an astrophysicist and researcher working at the California Institute of Technology, stated that humans would have to break the laws of physics in order to travel through wormholes. Since breaking the laws of physics is impossible, so is said travel.

Wormholes are (as of right now) completely theoretical, interstellar tunnels that connect to different points of the space time continuum. Since there is no evidence that wormholes exist, it is hard to conceptualize traveling through one. However, based on the existing theory, keeping a wormhole open and stable would be nearly impossible. And, if the wormhole were to close due to these factors, the walls would collapse so fast that nothing would be able to pass through.

Even if wormholes could not support human travel, there is still hope for their eventual existence. Quantum physics experiments have shown that it is possible to create the type of negative energy that is needed to open a wormhole. This is a very exciting prospect, but even if such a thing was created, there would still be no way to use it as a mode of transportation. This may be unfortunate news for Nolan fans, but sometimes it is ok to sacrifice scientific integrity in the name of a good film.