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Footage of sea floor released by searchers for missing flight MH370

It has been nine months since Malaysia Airlines flight MH70 vanished from radar screens. As the search for it continues, an Australian agency searching for the missing plane has revealed new images of the Indian Ocean floor.

The Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) says the footage reveals “important” details about the seafloor that could help in the search for the plane that disappeared from the sky on March 8, according to a report by the International Business Times. The images were takes by the GO Phoenix, a vessel that is scanning the seafloor for signs of the plane.

Another ship, the Fugro Discovery, also is conducting an underwater search for the missing plane. A wider search is being performed by the Joint Agency Coordination Centre, a collaborative effort between Australia, Malaysia, and China, the IB Times reports.

“The underwater search aims to map the MH370 debris field in order to identify and prioritize the recovery of specific aircraft components, including flight recorders, which will assist the Malaysian investigation,” the ATSB said in a statement posted on its website, adding that, “The equipment used on the vessels is providing extraordinary data.”

In its statement, the ATSB said it had used bathymetric survey data to formulate a plan for the undersea search.

“The plan includes search timing, methods, procedures, safety precautions, and the initial search areas for the various vessels,” the agency said.

Malaysia Airlines flight 370 disappeared over the Indian Ocean on March 8 with 239 people on board. No sign of the plane has yet been found.