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Sledgehammer rolls out highly anticipated update for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

Sledgehammer Games announced significant updates to Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. The patch addresses several bugs and also brings along numerous improvements to the overall gameplay.

Some of the updates include the reset issue with marksman and camo challenges when playing on Prestige. The developers also made sure the Ping Bar now updates correctly- an issue that many gamers felt should’ve been addressed sooner. Other concerns that are now fixed thanks to the patch include challenges when unlocking camos for specific weapons. Additionally, players can now unlock eSports Rule options in Private Match mode.

Perhaps the most highly anticipated fix was the bug that caused gamers to spawn in spectator mode when joining a game on the server.

Users playing the PS3 version have reported issues with the updated version of the game. Many are complaining of frozen screens and server hangs. Such issues have mostly surfaced before and after multiplayer matches.

A hardcore fan of the game said, “I’ve never had a game that freezes this often. The game is great, and the Bal finally got nerfed, but this freezing is going to ruin PS3s and 360s.”

Sledgehammer advises players who experience such errors to file a support ticket. The company also clarified its update process for the game, prioritizing the latest generation systems first, then quickly making its way to older generations.

In an official statement, Sledgehammer said, “Console players on Xbox 360 received an update this week. Another update will be coming soon.”

The update issues seem to have no effect on the game’s sales, as Activision, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare publisher, coined the release as the biggest entertainment launch of the year. It is currently considered as the most popular game released in 2014, and even outperformed a number of mainstream movies.

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