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New study shows reason for dogs’ sloppy drinking

Anyone who has ever given water to a thirsty dog knows what sloppy drinkers they are. However, a new report shows that there may be more to this act than meets the eye.

This new find was presented at the American Physical Society’s Division of Fluid Dynamics meeting held in San Francisco, and studies the different ways different animals consume liquid. Humans beings use suction to drink, taking in liquid by using our cheeks to create negative pressure in our mouths. However, larger carnivores such as lions or wolves cannot do this. This is because they do not have complete cheeks, which allows them to open their mouths wider when attacking prey. Instead, they use their tongue to bring the water to their mouth instead.

Dogs, like many other animals, have also made effective use of their tongue to drink water. According to Voice Chronicle, cats are one species that is known to do this quite well, curving their rough tongue into a J shape, and then pulling the water into their open mouth. Until recently, there were many who postulated that dogs did the same thing, using their tongue as a ladle like object to pull water up. However, this new research shows that this process is not so simple.

When observed through a video, dogs were shown to extend their tongues much more than cats, creating a wider surface area. Not only that, but dogs also plunge a lot more of their tongue into liquid when drinking than cats do. In addition, dogs also raise their tongue at five to eight times more than gravity, which is significantly faster than cats. All of these differences show that dogs actually have a very unique drinking style, which gives reason behind their extremely sloppy drinking.