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New Ford F-150 achieves better fuel efficiency

The new Ford F-150, which has an aluminum frame, is not only lighter than its predecessor, but it also gets about 20 percent better fuel efficiency than the traditional model.

The new, lightweight truck has just been revealed, and looks to change up the way current trucks are manufactured. According to BetaWired, Ford’s decision to switch the frame from steel to aluminum allowed the motor company to shave 700 pounds off of the truck’s weight. This then allowed Ford to create a truck that has both better fuel efficiency as well as improved emissions. Each of these changes were made in preparation of the incoming state and federal standards.

Despite the recent trend of lower gas prices, many consumers still take fuel efficiency into account when purchasing a new car or truck. Ford hopes to tap into this with their new model. Reports show that pick up trucks, due to their lack of fuel economy, are becoming less and less popular on today’s roads. Ford hopes that their new model, should it become popular, will move to change that. Regulations are on the way, and while many companies are attempting to meet the new standards through such measures as hybrid or electric cars, Ford took an alternative root by making their frame much lighter.

Yet, despite the positive increase in both fuel efficiency and emissions, there still may be setbacks to Ford’s move. Many believe that, as a result of the new, more expensive materials that are used to create the lighter frame, the price of Ford trucks are going to rise. If this is true, such a rise in price could result in a decrease in the company profit margins. However, while this may be a business concern as time goes by, right now the new, aluminum F-150 could be here to stay, and even act as a model for future trucks.