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Jaunt VR introduces first 360-degree app for Google Cardboard

Virtual reality developer Jaunt VR introduced Nov. 20 its first Google Cardboard app called simply Paul McCartney, according to a Mashable news report. The app itself is free, and it’s a 360-degree, fully immersive playback of the former Beatles’ performance of Live and Let Die at the iconic concert.

Cardboard is Google’s $9.99 cardboard 3D headset that you can buy online or, if you have the right cardboard, lenses, magnet and a washer, you can make it at home. It works with most 4.7-inch Android Phones (they have to fit in the holder) and even the iPhone 6 (with the right apps). Google unveiled the VR headset earlier this year.

During a demonstration of the Jaunt VR app by a Mashable reviewer, they wrote that  like all other Cardboard apps, the app automatically offers a stereoscopic view; so users have a slightly different image for each eye. The app recommended that the user plug in their headphones before the streaming video starts to play.

Google Cardboard is controlled by looking at what the user wants to select and then using your finger to pull down the washer, which is held in place by a magnet. To pause the video, the  user simply pulls down on the washer and pulls it again to continue playing.

“Jaunt VR isn’t kidding when it called this a 360-degree experience,” the reviewer wrote. “The video opened and I found myself standing right next to McCartney’s piano where he was belting out Live and let Die. Wherever I turned my head, I saw more of the stage: every band member and all of the audience, which was at my feet. I could look up and see the stage lights, stage left where the keyboardist was playing or stage right where roadies were frantically moving a piano.”

Jaunt VR plans to release the app on Oculus Rift and Samsung’s new Gear VR headset, which works with the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 phone.