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New ‘Facebook at Work’ set to challenge LinkedIn

In general, most businesses frown upon the use of Facebook in the work space. However, Facebook at Work, the newest project by Mark Zuckerberg and his team, could be set to change that.

Small Business Trends reports that this new medium is Facebook’s attempt at bridging the gap between social media and the more professional circle. This would also be an attempt to challenge already existing companies such as LinkedIn. When many think Facebook, they picture a social media sits used to post pictures, update statuses and send messages. However, while Facebook at Work will be under the same name, it is a far cry from the laid back social media platform that everyone is so familiar with. Rather, Facebook at Work would allow users a space where they could make professional contacts, post about work history and relay their experience.

Facebook at Work, besides challenging the existing giants within the job connection media, also aims to enter into cloud collaboration. This means that the system would enable users to connect with others in their workplace as well as collaborate on both projects and documents. A work-centric Google Docs if you will. As always, the goals of Facebook are high, but if the company can run Facebook at Work as promised, it could  have some very significant impacts on the business world.

While this new platform has a lot of interesting potential, there are still some who are skeptical that it will take hold. The reason for this is that many do not entirely trust Facebook when it comes to the security of private data. As such, businesses may be wary when it comes to matters such as private messaging. In addition, Facebook’s derivative projects have also been less than stellar. These projects include such matters as their email service, and repeated attempts at a decent messenger. However, even despite this hesitancy, some companies are already testing out an early version of Facebook at Work. It is still early, but companies liked LinkedIn should be keeping an eye out to see if it does manage to take hold.