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Never lose your phone again with Motorola’s new Keylink

Motorola has just come out with a nifty new device that will find your phone should you happen to misplace it.

The device, which is small enough to fit on your keychain, is called Keylink. It is a RF remote controlled gizmo that is linked to your smartphone.

By using the MotorolaConnect app on your Android or iOS smartphone, you can link your phone to your keys and your keys to your phone, in case either one has been mislaid.

If you are unable to find your phone, you just press a button on Keylink to make it ring from up to 100 feet away. And no more searching high and low for those car keys—the Keylink device attached to your key chain will ring when you use the MotorolaConnect app.

In addition, if you have a MotoX (2nd gen.), Droid Turbo, or a phone running Android 5.0, Lollipop, you get the ability to keep your phone unlocked when your keys are nearby. This allows you to use your phone without having to enter a password. Also, if you have lost your keys, you can use MotorolaConnect to find them on a map.

Keylink’s battery is advertised to last about a year and can be replaced with an easily obtained coin cell battery. The device is said to be splash proof, but not waterproof.

You can get started by downloading the MotorolaConnect app from the Apple or Google app stores. The Keylink device sells for only $25 and is available online.