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Microsoft strategy of saturating mobile market is paying off

Now that long-time Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has made good on the promise he made in August 2013 to retire, the company and its shareholders are enthusiastically embracing the new regime and celebrating “a banner year” with new chief Satya Nadella, according to a report by Motley Fool.

It took only the news that Ballmer was retiring for shareholders to see a price spike of 7 percent. Since then, Microsoft shares have jumped 31 percent, the Motley Fool reports.

The key to Nadella’s success is his firm commitment to ‘the cloud’ and to going mobile across virtually every conceivable platform. And the strategy has paid off big time as Microsoft’s cloud presence has raked in an estimated $4.5 billion in revenue, according to the Fool.

Some were surprised when Nadella announced a version of Office 365 for Apple’s iOS platform, but the move was in keeping with the CEO’s goal of getting as many mobile users as possible to use Microsoft solutions. Ballmer, on the other hand, had trashed Apple so many times, making Microsoft programs available to iOS devices would have been tantamount to admitting failure, the Fool report says.

Microsoft also has unveiled an updated version of Office for Android, the world’s most-used operating system. And last week, the company introduced a beta version of its Visual 2015, which included an Android emulator. The new emulator lets developers build, run, and test their Android-compatible apps using a Microsoft solution.

In addition, Microsoft says it is creating its primary software framework, ‘.Net,’ to be used across both open source and cross-platform, including Linux. Microsoft also is teaming up with salesforce.com and Dropbox to provide photo, video, and file-sharing services to both Android and iOS users.

Microsoft’s “mobile-first” strategy also is paying off with its mobile laptop cum tablet, Surface Pro 3, which was in the black last quarter after better than doubling revenue from a year ago.

According to the Motley Fool, cloud technology could “put the World-Wide-Web to bed,” while providing “the single largest business opportunity in the history of capitalism.”