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Intel’s MICA bracelet is sleek, stylish and packed with new features

Intel announced the release of a new wearable bracelet called MICA (My Intelligent Communication Accessory). Unlike other wearables that rely on a smartphone or laptop for majority of its features, MICA is designed to function independently as a standalone device. Intel’s latest gadget is only available for consumers based in the United States.

Priced at $495, MICA has several sleek features, making it an attractive accessory for females. At the moment there are no plans for a men’s version of the digital bracelet.

The wearable is functional enough to replace a smartphone on a busy day. Yelp recommendations, Gmail messaging and Google calendar integration ensures that users stay on top of their daily tasks.

Another great feature is “Time to Go”. Using location technology, the bracelet can notify its wearer on the time it takes to reach a destination or appointment. This productivity feature caters to individuals who have a difficult time managing their hectic schedule.

For some, this feature may seem intrusive, due to the continuous use of GPS.

In a move to address privacy concerns, the screen functions inside a wearer’s wrist, hiding notifications without obstructing one’s view. For quick replies, users can create and save templates through the device. Notifications come with discreet vibrations for immediate alerts.

MICA can run for two days on a single charge. Users have the option to purchase a black or white version of the stylish device. The white version comes in a sleek, snakeskin design with hints of shiny stones and ornaments. Lapis stones and pearls cover the black version of the bracelet, which also comes in snakeskin.

The steep price of the device comes with a two-year wireless data plan with AT&T. This price model is easier to manage for most consumers, breaking down the cost for the wearable at roughly $20 per month.