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Honda takes steps to make drivers comply with company recall

In an attempt to better protect drivers, Honda Motor Co. has issued a statement saying they want the help of regulators in making motorists agree with the company’s recall notices.

This request comes from reports of people being killed due to a malfunction in their car. Not only that, but the fact that many with said malfunction are not aware that such a problem even exists. Bloomberg reports, that an estimated one out of every seven of the 37 million Honda cars on the road has an unfixed recall. Most of these recalls stem from faulty airbags, which have contributed to six deaths across the globe. In addition to these tragic deaths, there are others who have also faced injuries at hands of this default. However, while part of the problem lies with the auto maker, another element is that many Honda owners were never told or notified of a recall in the first place.

As a way to prevent further tragedy, Honda is encouraging state and federal regulators to take action. This includes measures such as withholding vehicle registration renewals, or having repair shops notify car owners of an available recall. This would hopefully increase awareness, which would then increase the amount of recalls, and make the roads safer. From 2008 through June 2014 there have been five different airbag recalls, and according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) only six percent of the vehicles recalled have been properly fixed. Still, this new proposed plan is a good start to solving the issue, and will hopefully get more people updated on the safety of their car.

While Honda is at the forefront of this movement, over 10 other companies (including Toyota and Bayerische Motoren Werke AG) are all under pressure from Congress and regulators to both hurry and expand the recall process. Yes, most of the work is going to fall on the company’s shoulders, but if they get help from individual states it would be a huge boost. As of today, there have been 53.8 million vehicles recalled, a number that is up almost double from the 22 million recalled last year. Increasing the amount of recalls would put cost the auto companies more money (as they would have to pay for repairs) but that is a small price to pay for helping protect their customers lives.