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Fallout from OS X Yosemite Wi-Fi connection problems continues after new update

It appears Apple is still reeling from the OS X Yosemite Wi-Fi connection issues exposed shortly after the new operating system was unveiled last month. Even with this week’s update, thousands of users have reported dropped Wi-Fi connections or slower than usual connectivity, and enterprise servers were also affected.

The OS X 10.10.1 update was made available as a 311 MB download on Nov. 17 with Apple touting that it would improve “Wi-Fi reliability” and connections to Microsoft Exchange servers specifically. Both have been problematic since OS X Yosemite was released on Oct. 16.

However, it appears glitches persist. Among them are “mysteriously-changing Notification Center settings and Time Machine backups not appearing,” according to Computer World, while other problems includs “updates refusing to show in the Mac App Store and failures in connecting to remote machines with Back to My Mac.”

Computer World noted Mac users turned to support forums, where the largest thread – as of Nov. 17 – grew to 1,100 messages viewed more than 208,000 times. Poor Wi-Fi connections remained the oft-discussed topic, with some users complaining they were not able to connect at all, some experiencing disruptions moments after connecting.

Despite the overwhelming complaints, Apple officials have not commented since the update was released.

One forum user posted that “we’ve got business-grade routers and [access points] at my school, and we’ve got numerous people unable to connect for longer than a minute before and after [updating] to 10.10.1,” according to Computer World. Another added that he had to “go thru the same extreme routines I have had to go thru the past 2 months to be able to connect to the Internet.”