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Dropbox Carousel comes to iPad and the web

Back in April, Dropbox introduced an app for smartphones that stored and managed your photos. Now, Dropbox Carousel has launched updated versions with native support for the iPad and access to web-based photo storage at carousel.com.

All of the photos you view in Carousel are stored in Dropbox, but access to them is easier than having to rifle through your Dropbox files.

And before Android users start feeling left out, Dropbox Carousel for Android tablets reportedly will be available within a couple of weeks.

Carousel’s updated version has an improved grid view, lightbox, and conversation interface, according to übergizmo. Landscape mode is available for the iPad and the phone app is getting a tweek making it easier to delete photos.

In addition, the new upgrade adds the ability to send photos directly to Instagram and WhatsApp—a feature that Android users have been able to use for the past couple of weeks.

But some are questioning whether Carousel’s new features are attractive enough for people to start using it. The Verge talked to sources close to Dropbox, who say the company, which put dozens of engineers to work on Carousel, have not been happy with its sluggish growth,

The difficulty in attracting Carousel users may arise from the similarity between it and features that already come with your phone. According to The Verge, Carousel looks a lot like Camera Roll, which comes installed on your smartphone. And its messaging features are not that different from your phone’s photo app.

The folks at Carousel are not discouraged, however, saying there is much more to come.

“For us Carousel is a long-term investment,” said Chris Lee, head of product development, in The Verge report. “There are a lot more exciting things that we’re really looking forward to sharing with you in the future. We’ve got a lot of exciting plans for how to make Carousel even more engaging.”