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DOJ unhappy with new encryption technology

While many consumers are very pleased with the latest technology coming out of the Apple and Google offices, unfortunately the Department of Justice is not.

A report from Fox News states that this displeasure comes from the matter of securing private data. Last month, the Department of Justice has a meeting with the executives at Apple. During said meeting, the DOJ told Apple that their new encryption technology, which locks out law enforcement, has the potential to lead to a disaster. While this could apply to many different scenarios, officials gave the example of a young child dying, and police not being able to search that child’s phone. Apple was displeased with these comments, calling the remarks “inflammatory”, and stated that the information could be obtained through other means.

The clash has led to a standoff between Apple and the DOJ, but Apple is not the only company using encryption technology. WhatsApp, a very popular messaging service owned by Facebook, also has very powerful tools to deter any unwanted snooping. Textsecure is a program that is specifically designed to make WhatsApp messages only available by the sender and recipient. This even applies if the information is subpoenaed. In addition, this encryption is also the default setting, meaning users do not have to turn it on to have it work.

Many, including Apple CEO Tim Cook, believe that private data is a very important matter that should only be available to the user. As a result, if law enforcement wants to retrieve any information regarding a smartphone they would have to seek out the individual rather than the company who made the device. This may not sit well with the DOJ, but it seems that many tech companies are not backing down, and personal data shall only get more private as encryption continues to evolve.