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CDC: Mangoes could be cause of salmonella outbreak

An outbreak of salmonella in California that has sickened 73 people has reportedly been linked to mangoes, say state officials.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration and Centers for Disease Control have not yet released any information about the outbreak or announced a recall, but food safety officials in California, Washington, and Canada have all reported illnesses linked to the same strain of salmonella.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) say it remains too soon to say the mangoes, imported from Mexico, are the definitive cause of the outbreak. Meanwhile, California health officials say early test results seem to indicate mangoes are the cause of the outbreak.

“Preliminary data indicate that mango consumption is associated with an increase in the number of Salmonella Braenderup cases in California,” said California Department of Public Health spokesman Matt Conens. “As of today, there are 73 cases with this outbreak strain that have been confirmed.”

As of right now, CDC officials say they have not announced a recall of any mangoes originating from any specific farm. CDC officials noted that tests and investigations are currently under way in order to determine the origin of the salmonella outbreak.

“As far as linking to any specific brand of mangoes, our detailed interviews of case patients show that most cases did not know it. Any determination of the type or source will have to come from the traceback investigation, when investigators try to determine the source of contamination – to both identify the source of the current outbreak and prevent similar occurrences from happening in the future,” the CDC said in a statement.