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Rosetta mission finds pure oxygen and duck-like comet shape

The United States and Russia (previously the Soviet Union) have long dominated the space race, but Europe, Japan, and China, among others, have been trying...

The pocket shark: Ultra-rare and ultra-cute

Latest specimen is only the second ever found

More than half of all Mars missions have failed

Out of 43 attempts to take images or land on Mars, only 20 are regarded as successful.

New super-algorithm helps robot adapt to injuries and carry on with its mission

A missing feature for robots have for a long time been their disability to keep moving if their original design for some reason is damaged. Now scientists have found a way to teach robots to adjust and keep moving when disabled in a leg or joint.

Could glass deposits on Mars reveal how life was once present there too?

Finding old remnants of life in impact glass deposits on Earth, could prove to be one of the most promising possibilities to find evidence of life on Mars.


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