Scientists learn more about dark matter when stars collide

Dark matter doesn't appear to interact much with itself - or anything.

Reminder: You can still get a nasty sunburn on cloudy days

With Summer officially underway, millions of people in the Northern Hemisphere will take advantage of the warm weather to spend more time outside swimming,...

A human skull gazing out from the void on Halloween zips by Earth

NASA calls it the ‘Great Pumpkin,’ and some call it ‘spooky’, and ‘eerie'. It might have many names but ultimately it is an asteroid...

Using one galaxy to look at another – Gravitational lenses map the space in...

Is it a weather balloon or an optical phenomenon or what? We are just not very good at determining what's in our atmosphere or in our oceans, but that doesn't stop astronomers from finding and using deep space magnifying glasses to snap a picture of a galaxy 12 billion light years away - with good results!

Harvard: Dark matter is the guiding force of the universe

Black holes are determined by dark matter, not the size of their galaxies


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