New study shows reason for dogs’ sloppy drinking

A new study reveals that there are scientific reasons behind dogs' sloppy drinking habits.

Electric cars could lead to fewer deaths caused by heart disease

What many people just know by how they feel when exposed to noisy traffic outside their home, especially when they have worked hard all week and just need to relax for a couple of hours, is now confirmed by the largest study ever, linking high levels of traffic noise to an increased risk of having a stroke or even dying.

Pew pew! ISS may soon clean up space debris with LASERS

The key to cleaning up space trash may be blasting it with a laser

Always a good idea to look twice at multiple earthquakes – Will Kilauea erupt...

Sudden activities such as a multitude of earthquakes every hour, and a lava lake that risens to its highest level ever, only to sink away out of sight shortly after, has gotten the USGS on their toes in Hawaii.

Alarming study: More workers are abusing stimulants on the job

Workers are abusing stimulants like Adderall, Concerta, and Vyvanse more and more often to keep up with an increasingly hectic work environment.


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