Amazing 3D printer produces objects up to 100x faster

New technology may soon make waves in the field of digital dentistry

Scientists slow light to a crawl in liquid crystal mix

Scientists have long known that light reduces in speed when travelling through matter, but the magnitude of this slow-down in materials like glass or water is less than a factor of two.

NASA pays tribute to Neil Armstrong at National Cathedral

NASA pays tribute to former NASA astronaut Neil Armstrong at the National Cathedral in Washington, D.C.

India has a huge untapped freshwater source in rain – NASA data shows how...

Data from NASA and JAEA project TMRR gave the keys needed to calculate exactly how big the benefits would be to India from simple rainwater harvesting.

Curiosity and Opportunity left on their own – Mars hides behind the Sun in...

Learning when to talk and when to be quiet is sometimes essential - in June, NASA will cease contact with its 5 orbiters and rovers on Mars, due to the red planet moving behind the Sun for weeks. Any commands sent during this time may endanger the entire mission.


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