Bizarre flatworm reproduces by literally screwing itself

Sex - it's essential to life on Earth, and a pretty fun thing to do on a rainy day. Sexual techniques vary across the...

Scientists may have found yet another ringed object in our solar system

The sixth ringed object in the solar system comes from a surprising source

Common heartburn medications linked to kidney disease

If you suffer from heartburn and regularly take medications to treat it, you may want to reconsider which medicines you take. Researchers have found...
comet 67p

Rosetta mission finds pure oxygen and duck-like comet shape

The United States and Russia (previously the Soviet Union) have long dominated the space race, but Europe, Japan, and China, among others, have been trying...

Liberia declared Ebola free; gives fresh hope to Guinea, Sierra Leone

Liberia has been declared Ebola free and giving fresh hope to Africa, Sierra Leone and Guinea. Meanwhile, there were nine fresh cases reported in...


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