Researchers unravel the mystery of why wolves howl

According to a study entitled "Wolf howling is mediated by relationship quality rather than underlying emotional stress," which appears in the August 22 edition of the journal Current Biology, the meaning of wolf howling is not that it is a stress response.
Hubble Supernova

NASA captures beautiful Veil Nebula photos with Hubble

Nature is quite the artist. Many of the most beautiful sights in the world are natural rather than man-made. And when it comes to...

Use gold to protect your gold – or should we say nano spirals to...

It takes something that is smaller than the wavelength of light to outsmart those gold-stealing bandits nowadays! Now scientists go for nano-spirals in gold, basically impossible to tamper with.

NASA: New astronaut class ‘represents the full tapestry of America’

The eight astronaut candidates were selected from a pool of over 6,100 applicants following the completion of a rigorous selection procedure.


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