Industry better than academia at reporting clinical trials outcomes properly

A new study shows that many government- and privately-funded clinical trials are not complying with federal policy to report outcomes in a timely manner.
Teens are increasingly choosing e-cigarettes over smoking.

E-cigarettes replace traditional cigarette smoking among teens

New study shows that E-cigarettes are replacing cigarettes among teens. Traditional cigarette smoking sees dramatic decline in favor of "vaping".

New super-algorithm helps robot adapt to injuries and carry on with its mission

A missing feature for robots have for a long time been their disability to keep moving if their original design for some reason is damaged. Now scientists have found a way to teach robots to adjust and keep moving when disabled in a leg or joint.

Domoic acid makes Dungeness crab unfit for consumption

Risky levels of domoic acid, a naturally occurring poison, has been detected in waters between the Oregon border and the southern Santa Barbara County...


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