WT1190F sparked multicolored fireballs (Video)

The mysterious space junk WT1190F finally fell from the sky this morning, keeping scientists glued to their seats as the object burned up in...

New super-algorithm helps robot adapt to injuries and carry on with its mission

A missing feature for robots have for a long time been their disability to keep moving if their original design for some reason is damaged. Now scientists have found a way to teach robots to adjust and keep moving when disabled in a leg or joint.

Tall people suffer from cancer, short people at risk of strokes

Shorter people often get the short end of the stick in life, often being the butt of jokes, and may even earn less money....

Shocking find: Speed-like chemical found in dietary supplements you may use

The FDA discovered the presence of BMPEA in supplements as far back as 2013 but did nothing about it, leading the study's authors to criticize the agency.

Scientist: New makeup could protect soldiers from heat of bomb blasts

A newly devised form of camouflage could assist soldiers.


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