Largest study ever on ancient European DNA, shows three main immigrating groups

Tracing history back in time can sometimes involve extracting, comparing, and analyzing DNA from a hundred or so skeletons - but it pays off! With three major immigration events, geneticists are now more sure than ever about how modern Europe came to be.

FDA votes to approve Addyi, the Viagra for ladies

The FDA moves forward with filbanserin, but not every expert is convinced

Alien life on Titan is possible — but completely unlike what we know, scientists...

Scientists believe methane-based life forms that don't need oxygen could swim in the vast, frigid methane seas of Saturn's largest moon.

Antarctic sea ice content reaches record high in 2014: Highest amount since 1979

New NASA report released shows melting rate of land ice in West Antarctica has tripled in the last 10 years.

Botanical garden outfits bumble bees with backpacks to track behavior

Tiny transmitters help scientists track bees' location


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