Google-owned company creates robot dog; ignites ridiculous ethics debate

"Spot" is the latest in a line of quadrupedal robots

Statins: Negative Media Reports Encourage Discontinuing Treatment

The evidence shows that statin drugs are effective in reducing the rate of heart attacks and death in people who have already had a...

EPA enforces strict new ozone regulations

New ozone regulations by the EPA are very strict, and will have a great impact on oil companies and other corporations that contribute to the generation of such materials.
duck billed dinosaur

This duck-billed dinosaur could be the “missing link”

Scientists have uncovered a duck-billed dinosaur that could prove to be the missing link in the evolution of this particular branch of dinosaurs. Duck-billed...

Archaeologists discover massive fortifications from the Iron Age in Israel

According to an August 19 news release from American Friends of Tel Aviv University, researchers from the Israeli academic institution have excavated the remnants of gigantic ancient fortifications constructed in defense of an Iron Age Assyrian harbor in Ashdod, Israel.


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