invisibility cloak

Scientists have created a super thin, functioning invisibility cloak

Invisibility cloaks are the stuff of movies, right? Something Harry Potter uses to fight the evils of the world, and space aliens use to...
The old mice seemed to undergo rejuvenation after transfusions of blood from human teenagers.

Mice got human blood from teenagers and became younger.

More and more studies show the dramatic effects of blood plasma from young people into older bodies. In a new study, old mice clear shows signs of rejuvenation after transfusions with human blood.

FDA okays once-a-day HIV pill

The FDA has approved the use of Stribild, a new once-daily l HIV medication from Gilead, the makers of HIV medications Atripla and Complera.

EPA enforces strict new ozone regulations

New ozone regulations by the EPA are very strict, and will have a great impact on oil companies and other corporations that contribute to the generation of such materials.

VIDEO: ISS lettuce tastes “awesome”

Astronauts become the first to taste veggies grown aboard the ISS


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