hadrosaur dinosaur

Arctic dino: Hadrosaur species discovered in Alaska

A recent hadrosaur discovery is forcing scientists to rethink some of their previously held notions about dinosaurs. Scientists believe that the duck-billed dinosaur grew to...

Arctic sea ice recovers – but for how long?

Sea ice displayed remarkable resiliency in 2013, but can it resist further climate change?

Isolated Amazon tribe caught on tape [VIDEO]

The Kawahiva are known for having little contact with other indigenous tribes, let alone non-indigenous people.

History shows we’ve become weaker – but will farmers agree that they’re living a...

We don't need to lift trees with our bare arms any longer - too bad! History shows it's our loss, as bone density has dropped significantly over 7,000 years.
Jupiter red spot with video link

Jupiter, not Saturn ejected competing gas giant out of solar system

Did you know that a hundred light years from earth there is a massive “lonely” planet, one that is 4 to 7 times the size...


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