Free-floating planets may be born free; 200 billion starless planets roam Milky Way

In previous research endeavors, astronomers calculated that as many as 200 billion free-floating planets exist in the Milky Way galaxy.

HUD seeking to ban smoking in all public housing

The Federal government is looking to make public housing a complete smoke-free environment. Already, the potential rule is proving to be contentious. The HUD...

SpaceX cargo mission launch to space station delayed one week

More time needed by NASA to prepare for launch in order to send cargo to International Space Station.

Explanation finally found for Saturn’s hexagon polar cyclone?

What would cause a result looking like the hexagonal north pole cyclone of Saturn? New scientific model stretching over hundreds of days may have come up with the final answer.
lianas vines, Co2

Jungle-strangling vines could contribute to global warming

It's election season in the United States and climate change is one of the biggest, and most divisive, buzzwords among presidential hopefuls. Meanwhile, nations...


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