dwarf galaxy

Tiny “Dwarf” Galaxy Discovered 4 Billion Years From Earth

A long, long time ago, in a part of the university far, far away, a tiny dwarf galaxy was born……. Astrophysicists at Stanford made a...


More teenagers smoking hookah, e-cigs

Teens are still choosing to pass on cigarettes and cigars, the traditional tobacco of choice for past generations. When it comes to hookah and...


Footballers have worryingly bad dental health

According to a new study, nearly four in every 10 professional UK football players suffer from active tooth decay and every 20th player has irrreversible...

Can you really fix balding by yanking out the hair you have left? Maybe,...

Scientists have found that removing hairs from their follicles in a small, concentrated area can lead to dramatic regeneration of hair in a breakthrough that could lead to new treatments.

Gigantic man-eating lizard may have lived with humans in Australia

Most people think of lizards as nothing more than pets to be kept in cages, or small animals that scurry around eating insects. A...

Scientists excited with sudden discovery of ‘missing link’ in black hole evolution

Scientists have found what is known as an intermediate-mass black hole (IMBH), which is the elusive link between collapsed stars and the supermassive black holes that eventually form and become the center of galaxies.

Supplement use is the new eating disorder for men

Citing low self-esteem and gender role conflict, many men take supplement use to an unhealthy extreme.