Improved sex may be a bonus of weight loss surgery

According to the findings of a recent study, sex life may improve after a weight-loss surgery. Researchers find that that sex life can improve...

Feeding our cars with corn will cost us 19 years of increased greenhouse emission

Truck driving on fossil fuels will only get us that far - now scientists have come up with a detailed prediction model to see how long it takes to outweigh the negative effects of turning natural land into biofuel crop farms.

Scientists learn new secrets of 1,000 year-old mummy in Buddha statue

Scientists performed a 3D scan on the statue, and conducted an endoscopy in order to learn more about the mummy, which is believed to be a Buddhist monk.

Risk of kidney cancer increases with meat

There are many different methods for cooking meat and a study has found that some of these methods may lead to an increased risk of...

Study reveals most effective commercial wight-loss programs

Most programs aren't studied long enough to determine effectiveness


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