dwarf galaxy

Tiny “Dwarf” Galaxy Discovered 4 Billion Years From Earth

A long, long time ago, in a part of the university far, far away, a tiny dwarf galaxy was born……. Astrophysicists at Stanford made a...


More teenagers smoking hookah, e-cigs

Teens are still choosing to pass on cigarettes and cigars, the traditional tobacco of choice for past generations. When it comes to hookah and...


world heritage sites, machu picchu

WWF: Nearly half of World Heritage sites under severe threat

Economic development has many benefits, lifting people out of poverty, spreading access to vital services, like health care and the Internet, and providing numerous...

Game changing discovery – New type of magnets could revolutionize technology as we...

You thought scientists nowadays didn't get their hands dirty? Well, with this new discovery, that will revolutionize the use of magnets in technology in all kinds of areas, might create a new wave of hands-on science out there.

Whole milk and fats to be considered by USDA for new guidelines

Turns out that fat might not be as bad for you as previously thought. The USDA is now grappling with whether or not to...

In home pesticide use could lower IQ, increase cancer risk

A report has compiled data from previous studies and found that the use of pesticides in home can increase the risks of cancer among...

Scientists crushed as ‘Big Bang’ evidence evaporates on further analysis

The "discovery" had been hailed as a major breakthrough and the first direct evidence of the Big Bang, but further analysis by an ESA telescope showed it was only space dust that caused the signature.