human embryo

GMO Babies? UK researchers want to modify genomes of embryos

Scientists in the United Kingdom are looking to delve into a new frontier: the direct editing of human genes in embryos. If the scientists...

It takes a black hole to create the most luminous galaxy in the Universe

The brightest shining galaxy in the Universe is only able to shine so bright because of the ginormous black hole in its center.

Hubble looks 11 billion years back in time to study origins of modern galaxies

The scientists found that, after observing galaxies 11 billion years in the past, they do indeed fit into the Hubble Sequence classifications.

Social media not a great tool for predicting human behavior, according to academic scientists

Scientists at McGill Univ. and Carnegie Mellon Univ. warn that different social media platforms attract different demographics.

Game changing discovery – New type of magnets could revolutionize technology as we...

You thought scientists nowadays didn't get their hands dirty? Well, with this new discovery, that will revolutionize the use of magnets in technology in all kinds of areas, might create a new wave of hands-on science out there.


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