Free-floating planets may be born free; 200 billion starless planets roam Milky Way

In previous research endeavors, astronomers calculated that as many as 200 billion free-floating planets exist in the Milky Way galaxy.

Einstein’s theories called into question by “spooky” results of experiment

Einstein is considered to be one of the greatest scientific minds of all time. His work on relativity, gravity, and other fields advanced human...

Hunt is on for Northern African pythons to keep them out of Everglades

The Northern African python is extremely elusive, making it difficult for wildlife officials to track it down in Miami before it can invade the Everglades.

Large Hadron Collider recreates birth of the universe

The Large Hadron Collider has potentially made another major breakthrough. Researchers at the European Organization for Nuclear Research, AKA CERN, where the collider is...

Study: Growth in corn crops fuels carbon dioxide level spike

Researchers discovered that growth in agricultural production is responsible for increase in C02 levels. 


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